Build to last. Designed to save time.

With Quester we have created a reliable and productive truck, built with proven quality components. Simply put, an enduring and more serviceable truck made for the long run – so you’ll spend less time on maintenance and more time working.

Built to last

Anti-corrosion protection
Quester has high quality anti-corrosion protection using the Global manufacturing standard. Phosphatizing dipping of the entire cab followed by three paint layers all of which are oven hardened. This secures protection for a long truck life.

Proven quality mudguards
The modern style of rear fenders are manufactured from black ABS plastic. They are a stable design, age resistant and easy to disassemble if necessary.

UD Trucks Quester
UD Trucks Quester

Long-life components

Hub reduction
Quester has robustly designed rear axles with high capacity. The 6×4T, 6×4R and 8×4R configurations also have optional hub reduction, where the stresses are split between the hub and the axle. It's fitted with inter-axle and inter-wheel differential locks, giving excellent grip and traction for extended vehicle availability.

Long-life S-cam brakes
S-cam high performance drum brakes are proven quality and recognized as the industry benchmark for many years. They are trouble-free and easy to service resulting in low maintenance costs and minimized downtime.

Reliable chassis suspension

Want to go the extra mile? If so, it’s vital to have reliable chassis suspensions. Quester has long-life and lightweight parabolic front springs that offer a smooth ride. The rear suspensions consist of multi-leaf springs giving high load capacity and higher rolling rigidity.

UD Trucks Quester
UD Trucks Quester

Designed to save time

Ease of daily service
Engine service points are located behind the grill for ease of service. Here it's possible to check the clutch fluid, washer reservoir and air conditioning filter. The oil dipstick is conveniently located at the back of the cab.

Three-piece bumper
On both bumpers, steel and composite the exposed corners are easily exchangeable. The headlamps are positioned on the side panel for better protection against damage.

Service and support

Genuine Service and Genuine Parts are there to make sure that everything runs smoothly at your end. It is essential support for your Quester, so you always get maximum uptime – wherever your truck travels.

Quester introduces an advanced driver’s display with tell-tale and self-diagnosis function. The indicators alert to issues that may require attention from the driver or a technician. In addition a service alert is given when the time is due.

  • Aung Myo Zaw

    Kami menggunakan Quester 6x4 Prime Movers. Kami memilih UD terutama untuk keandalannya. Truk-truk kami berjalan antara 5,000 km hingga 7,000 km per bulan. Itu berarti rata-rata sejauh 72,000 km per tahun. Truk-truk yang dapat diandalkan sangat penting bagi kami. Alasan-alasan lainnya adalah biaya pemeliharaan, ketersediaan suku cadang, dan efisiensi bahan bakar. 

    Aung Myo Zaw, Director, PT Power Trading Co., Ltd.

UD Trucks Quester