UD Trucks is an international commercial vehicle solutions provider based and headquartered in Japan. UD Trucks develop, produce and sell a wide range of heavy, medium and light-duty vehicles, supporting smart logistics solutions across 60 countries. Our trucks go the extra distance, giving our customers extra fuel mileage and uptime. Our 8,000 smart, modern and diversified colleagues work with passion, trust and change to stay ahead for performance. We will always go the extra mile for our customers and business partners.

UD Trucks Purchasing has 9 BSEK in purchasing annual spend and 1,240 suppliers in serial production. We deliver the best possible products and service that bring value to our customers through scouting and working with high performing supply chain partners.
We support UD Trucks mission ‘Better life – for people and planet’ through sustainability, business ethics and innovation.

Our supplier requirements

To achieve the UD Trucks’ vision to be the Japanese sustainability leader, we place high demands on our suppliers. We expect products and services to be of top quality, and we expect good management from all our suppliers, including the lower tier ones.
They should deliver state-of-the-art quality with perfect precision right through the supply chain, from project planning and in production facilities right through to delivery to our plants and customers. We also expect our aftermarket suppliers to compete with offerings for a complete product life cycle that minimize vehicle off-road time, and to offer a service level that supports our zero incident promise to customers.
Furthermore, we expect them to offer committed, pro-active collaboration that helps achieve cost savings, meet environmental and fuel efficiency targets and develop new innovative technologies. We also need our supplier´s full commitment to support us on the UD Trucks Sustainability journey with focus on ‘Better Life’ – for people and planet throughout the entire value chain.

Business Principles

To achieve that vision, we need to build on a broad, solid foundation of responsible business principles and sustainable behaviour as outlined in our Code of Conduct. We believe that behaving responsibly is the only foundation on which we can build a truly sustainable business with our suppliers.
The UD Trucks Code of Conduct is clear about our commitment to compliance, including anti-corruption, competition law, sanctions and other issues that influence how we do business with suppliers. Our compliance with these requirements helps increase our business opportunities and serves as a tool for exceeding the expectations of current and future suppliers.
The commitments we put on ourselves are directly translated into the Supplier Code of Conduct which defines the minimum sustainability requirements for all UD Trucks suppliers in the areas of Human Rights and working conditions, health and safety, responsible sourcing of raw materials, environmental performance and business ethics.

Our values

UD Trucks Purchasing aims to develop our suppliers as partners. We do this by selecting high performing suppliers that deliver the best possible products and superior services that add real business value to UD Trucks, on both a global and regional basis. Our collaboration drives growth, profitability and continuous improvements with a focus on customer success. Our strong relationships and requirements are based on the UD Trucks values where customer success is key.


Quality has gradually come to mean more than quality assurance itself. Our suppliers must be able to take complete responsibility for environment impact as well as a holistic view regarding material handling and information exchange. The ability to achieve effective continuous improvement requires good knowledge of modern tools and methods that are offered by quality technology.


We believe in developing, producing and delivering products and services in a responsible and sustainable manner as it builds trust with our customers, with society at large as well as with our business partners. Our suppliers play an integral part in our sustainability journey and we can never succeed without our partners and suppliers in the value chain.
In our vision to become the Japanese sustainability leader, we therefore need all Supplier´s full commitment to support us on this sustainability journey through the care they invest in the parts, components and services they offer, produce and deliver.
Suppliers and contractors to the UD Trucks shall deploy and respect ethical and sustainable standards throughout their supply chain. Our commitment and approach to Sustainability in compliance with the principles of our Supplier Code of Conduct, is integrated into our policies and implemented through our everyday business decisions and actions with our suppliers.

UD Standards

UD Trucks actively strives to eliminate harmful substances from the products and we therefore require that our Suppliers follow the UD standards regarding Substances of Concern, the UD Red list, UD Black list and the UD Grey list.

Material Data Sheet Submission

In order to track and follow up on both legal regulations and UD standards regarding substances of concern, material declarations are requested for new and modified parts. The reporting of material data sheet (MDS) declaring the material and substance content of a part is done in IMDS (International Material Data System). Read more here.


As a member of Drive Sustainability and in line with general automotive industry practices, UD Trucks uses a self-assessment approach to evaluate supplier performance and compliance with our sustainability requirements. UD Trucks works with compliance partner NQC and the Supplier Assurance platform (www.supplierassurance.com) in order to facilitate collect and evaluate your input to the SAQ.

Formal requirements

After passing the initial screening, you will be enrolled in a Supplier Evaluation where you must comply with our Key Elements Procedures (KEP). These are requirements that span over all supply types. You can find them in the download section below.

Payment Conditions

Suppliers and Contractors must comply with the Payment Terms for UD Trucks. Details about UD Trucks Payment/Financial Information and General Purchasing Conditions will be provided by your purchasing contact, and can be accessed via the Supplier Portal once you are registered as a supplier.
For details on invoicing, please visit Purchase to Pay

Delivery requirements

When shipping products to any country outside your own, as a supplier you are responsible for calculating the Regional Value Content of your products. You will be required to submit a Certificate of Origin for goods annually, as well as with each shipment in regions where this is required. Information on our various trade agreements can be found via the links below. 

KEP 7 Logistics Requirements