Transport solutions for a new era


The front face is designed to enhance the vehicle’s presence by expressing a dynamic and inviting character and incorporating a number of advanced safety features. Three grades are available: ST grade, SG grade, and SE Custom. SE Custom features an exclusive upper grille and exclusive badge-like decals for a premium look.


The driving position has been optimized by reducing the diameter of the steering wheel and adjusting the seat and pedals. Seats are made of urethane foam material for improved comfort. In addition, armrests and heated seats are available as options.


The height of the door and floor length have been increased, and every detail, including the door handles, steps, and grips, has been thoroughly redesigned to make it easier to enter and exit the vehicle. In addition, while providing a full range of comfort-focused features, a large amount of space has been reserved to realize an interior space that is easy to use and comfortable for the driver.

Fuel Efficiency/Environmental Performance

The combination of the most advanced 4JZ1 diesel engine designed exclusively for light-duty trucks and the new AMT 9-speed “ISIM” dual-clutch transmission achieves best-in-class fuel efficiency. Model-based EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) control reduces NOx by controlling the amount of EGR using sensors and calculation models.


Lane Keep Assist uses a camera to detect the lines marking the driving lane and electronically assists the steering wheel to keep the vehicle in its lane. Full Speed Range Adaptive Cruise Control, which controls not only acceleration and deceleration but also stop and start throughout the entire range of speeds, maintains a safe distance between vehicles. Emergency Driving Stop System, which automatically applies the brakes and stops the vehicle in the event of an emergency, such as the driver suddenly falling ill at the wheel. These and many other advanced features help make roads safer.