What does life look like at UD Trucks?

Here are some of the faces and voices that make UD what it is. Colleagues from different business functions share what it is like to work for UD Trucks. If you would like to read more about our culture, please click here


Digital Solutions & IT

"What's good about UD: the first thing is that it's easy to design your own career. Also, I wanted to work in a place where I could hear the voices of the people who actually use the systems I am directly involved with."



"My main task is to design processes for new vehicle models, and my goal is to create a production plant that is one step ahead of our competitors. One of the appealing things about UD Trucks is its ability to incorporate advanced technologies."



"My work involves strategic planning, capacity building, and data analysis. At UD I was able to broaden my perspective and be involved in the entire supply chain. I took advantage of our company's internal recruitment system and moved to a new team within Operations."



"I have been working in Purchasing as a Sourcing Planning Manager & Project Manager for the past four years. I have had a lot of interaction with people from different departments, backgrounds and cultures, everyone was very welcoming. Diversity is actually one of the reasons I chose to work for UD Trucks."


Quality Assurance

"I joined UD Trucks in 2018 as a Consultant, and the friendly atmosphere made me decide that this will be the company for me to build a long term career. As a working mother with two young daughters, the flexible working on offer at UD has been very helpful for me."


Human Resources

"I joined UD Trucks as a new graduate in 2018. It is a global company which puts a strong emphasis on the Better Life of the employee, the environment and our customers. The company always encourages me to improve myself."


Brand & Communication

"What I think is most attractive about UD is the chance to work with colleagues from all over the world. I initially joined the company as an Executive Assistant, and after gaining experience in a wide range of roles, I took on a new challenge in the field of Communications thanks to the internal recruitment system. After joining the company I went through many personal changes such as marriage, childbirth and parenting, but my colleagues have always my journey."



"I'm part of the Operations department and specialize in procuring truck parts. I joined UD Trucks in 2010, thanks to the great training provided, I gained experience which helped me excel in my work. Furthermore, there is a strong support system at UD for working parents, helping them to excel both at work and at home."



"For the past 30 years since joining this company, I have been working in the Product Development Division. We are devoted to creating new vehicles with the latest technology making this an exciting place to work. We have created an environment where we can confidently bring new ideas to the market."



"I'm a part of the Trucks Development Division, working on the designs of the truck. I strive to design trucks that are both quiet and comfortable, so as to lighten the burden of the drivers' daily work. I have worked at UD Trucks for more than 20 years and I feel that my feelings and ideas are respected. Although it comes with responsibility, it's a workplace that allows me to see my ideas take shape."



"My responsibility is to ensure that the parts from our suppliers are of good quality and fulfill our requirements before we bring them into UD Trucks. Everytime I find the cause of a problem and rectify it, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction and motivates me in my work. I was previously working in the railway sector but due to my passion for automobiles, I wanted to pursue a career more closely related to my interests. At UD Trucks the work day is made up of flexible hours with no core time and the ability to work remotely, which helps me maintain a healthy work-life balance."



"I design engine parts in the Powertrain Development Team. After completing my Graduate Degree in Engineering, I joined UD Trucks and have been part of this team for 17 years. In my first year after joining the company, I designed a device used to purify the emissions from the engine. I was able to do it thanks to the support of those around me, as the company has a culture of respecting eachothers points of view. I also had the chance to work overseas, so my family and I were able to be based in Europe for 2 years."


Finance & Business Office

"I work in the Business Office Division as a Business Controller. My role requires me to support the company's management by bridging business and finance. What's attractive about the job is the chance to communicate with the staff on site and other divisions such as Manufacturing and Product Development. When I joined UD Trucks as a new graduate, I was impressed by how hiring is divided by divisions. You can apply based on your field of expertise or the division of your liking, gain knowledge and experience there and move towards your career goals"



"I develop autonomous driving technology as part of the Electrical & Electronics team. I learned the fundamentals of vehicles and autonomous driving at school, and I'm excited to be able to apply this knowledge at work. Despite being young I was able to utilize my knowledge and experience, that's one of the mertis about working at UD Trucks."

Please visit our careers page if you are interested in being part of our journey to create Better Life for society, for our customers and for yourself. UD Trucks is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate our diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our colleagues.