With innovation that puts people first, our next-generation of trucks feature design enhancements in five major areas.



Comfortable and efficient driving performance

UD Active Steering, an electronically controlled steering system, and ESCOT-VI, an electronically controlled automatic transmission, combine to deliver unparalleled drivability. Smart Traffic Eye Cruise maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of it. Belt-In Seat maximizes driver comfort. Disc brakes, available on all models, respond quickly and smoothly for excellent braking performance. All of these innovations make for a comfortable driving experience.

Fuel Efficiency

Advanced fuel-efficient driveline

The improved driveline achieves a high level of fuel efficiency. The GH11 Engine, which is fuel efficient, powerful, and clean, complies with the 2016 exhaust gas regulations and exceeds 2015 fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty vehicles by 5%*1 to 10%*2. Advice from the Foretrack and Nenpi Coach functions support more fuel-efficient driving.

*1 Models equipped with manual transmission
*2 Models equipped with ESCOT-VI

Engine image


Safety functions for risk prediction

Safety features such as Smart Traffic Eye Brake, which alerts the driver when detecting a risk of collision with other vehicles or pedestrians, is equipped with a warning indicator, warning message, and audible alarm. The feature automatically applies the brakes to slow the vehicle in the event of a potential collision; Forward Collision Warning System, which alerts the driver with a warning indicator and audible alarm when a pedestrian or bicycle is detected in front of the vehicle when the vehicle is starting or traveling at low speeds (vehicle speed 10 km/h or less); and Lane Keep Assist, which adjusts the steering to keep the vehicle in its lane. This commitment to “safety that puts people first” helps ensure driver safety as well as avoid potential hazards in the vicinity of the vehicle.


Chassis designed with cargo hauling in mind

Overall weight reduction has been achieved while taking into account cargo handling and body-mounting efficiency. The “Perfect Quon” has further enhanced options including an extended variety of aluminum bodies with gullwing doors. In addition, a direct-drive refrigerating unit is available for 11-liter engine models. In sum, productivity is maximized.


Reliability and durability you can count on

The overall quality of our vehicles has been improved, achieving the highest levels of performance even in the harshest of environments, providing solid reliability and durability that customers can rely on. In addition to being easy to maintain, longer replacement intervals for genuine parts has been realized, contributing significantly to lower life cycle costs. With UD Extra Mile Support, vehicles remain in the best possible condition and uptime is maximized.