Optimize your fleet's performance with real-time connectivity to take your business further

Smart solution for smart logistics


Enter a brand new fleet management platform, UD Connected Services. Drivers and fleet managers can look forward to greater fuel efficiency, more time savings, and better drivability. As the successor to our acclaimed UD Telematics Services, UD Connected Services places the power of smart logistics in your hands — giving you powerful tools to lead your business into the future.

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Champion Sustainability

Monitor your fuel efficiency more precisely with data-driven solutions — and use technology such as Eco Coach to champion your business’s long-term sustainability goals.

Run an Optimized Business

Improve your delivery turnaround times with an eagle-eye view on driving performance, trip details and individual vehicle health.

Utilize Smart Logistics

Design flexible plans on the go by leveraging real-time tracking. Avoid costly disruptions ahead of time and learn valuable insights from your route history.

Maximizing Uptime

Run your business more confidently knowing UD Road Support can deliver you on-site repairs. With fault detection features and timely alerts, UD Connected Services keeps your connected fleet running smoothly and efficiently

My UD Fleet

Your gateway to UD Connected Services

Step into a brand new digital experience — designed to elevate your fleet management journey. With easy navigation, data analytics, and powerful tools at your disposal, you’ll have everything you need to drive your business further.


Better control over your business

Track the status of your deliveries and monitor critical fleet detail.


Fleet uptime management

Optimize your fleet utilization and servicing schedules.

Fuel efficiency

Essential fuel optimization

Secure greater cost savings with data analytics on fuel & trip reports.


Smart logistics

Real-time truck location

Monitor individual truck location and health in real-time.

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*Detailed offers may differ and not all services may be available immediately. Please contact your UD trucks dealer for more information.

My UD Fleet Mobile App

My UD Fleet app

The My UD Fleet mobile app gives you access to UD Connected Services — where you’ll enjoy greater visibility of your fleet and utilize powerful tools to optimize your business. Effective fleet management is now at your fingertips!

The My UD Fleet mobile app is currently available on Android and iOS devices for maximum compatibility.

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