Diversity and Inclusion 多様性を強みに変える

At UD Trucks, our mission is to be an attractive workplace for all. With more than 40 nationalities working with us globally, we witness the power of diversity every day through our inclusive culture. Diversity & Inclusion is our competitive advantage and we strongly believe in the power of diversity of race, gender, nationality, orientation, religion, generation and personality.

FIKA Break 気軽な社内コミュニケーション

スウェーデンにFIKA(フィカ)というコーヒーブレイクの 文化があるのをご存知ですか? UDトラックスでもFIKAを取り入れており、同じ職場や部門を 超えた仲間たちとコーヒーや時にはお菓子を持ち寄って コミュニケーションをとる習慣があります。 FIKAで気軽に共有したアイデアから新たなプロジェクトが 組まれたり日常的な意見交換が増えたりと、FIKAは私たちの 業務の効率化にも役立っています。
One Swedish custom we have embraced is the “FIKA”. More than just a coffee break, it’s an important way for colleagues to gather together, have a coffee and snacks, and just chat. Exchanging ideas and building bridges at FIKA – you never know who you’ll meet and sometimes it can take you in new directions !