Comfortable and smart driving performance

The Quon with new features provides drivers a safe and stress-free working environment. Enjoy lasting comfort and performance across long trips. Look forward to a suite of advanced features designed to elevate the driving experience and reduce the risk of accidents.

Unparalleled operability: "ESCOT-Ⅵ"

"ESCOT- VI" provides advanced gear change control and suppresses fluctuations in fuel efficiency. Enhancements to hardware and software control achieve fast and accurate gear changes. Quick and smooth gear changes reduce the driver’s level of stress and fatigue while contributing to safe driving. Performance is also improved on uneven surfaces and muddy roads.


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ESCOT-Ⅵ’s gear change is really exquisite. On a trial ride with a virtual load, I was even wondering “Am I really carrying a 10-ton load?”. Whether it is the transmission, or the new brakes, all respond perfectly to the driver’s will, and can’t be qualified by a word less than “wonderful”. Our Quons are currently manual, but after discovering its level of performance, I think we need to seriously consider acquiring automatic new Quons.

Atsushi Miyazaki, Senior Executive Officer, Kyoshin Construction Transport Ltd.

The ESCOT-VI gear lever uses a straight shifting pattern, an evolution in its simple and easy-to-use design.

R: Reverse -- For smooth driving in the reverse direction at slow speed.

N: Neutral -- Gear lever position for when the truck is parked.

D: Drive -- Programmed for the quick gear changes and fuel efficient driving of a professional driver.You can also use the +/- button on the right side of the gear lever to change up and down.

M: Manual -- Manual mode.

Traffic Eye Cruise Control

This system uses a millimeter-wave radar to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. If the vehicle ahead slows down to less than 15 km/h, your truck will automatically decelerate — coming to a halt immediately if that vehicle stops. If the vehicle in front starts to move, your truck will accelerate to maintain the speed pre-set by the driver. Speed and distance settings can be adjusted using the switches on the control panel.


Traffic Eye Cruise Control

4-spoke steering wheel

The shape of the Quon’s steering wheel has been ergonomically redesigned for a more comfortable grip that reduces driver fatigue. Switches are conveniently positioned for easy access to functions and information. The driver's line of sight and operation line are on the same plane for efficient, safe, and reliable operability.


Instrument panel affords excellent visibility

A large, 5-inch color LCD multi-display is mounted in the centre of the instrument panel. We’ve arranged the driving information and LED indicators on the instrument panel in an easy-to-understand layout that provides excellent visibility. Information is displayed in zones arranged according to warning priority, with the most important information at the top.

1. Easy-to-read font size, symbols and gauges
2. Multi-display with control switches on the steering wheel
3. Classy design featuring silver rings
4. Sub-display
5. Cruise Control information
6. Gear number information
7. Auxiliary brake information


 Instrument panel affords excellent visibility
Dashboard designed for driver comfort

Dashboard designed for driver comfort

Our new dashboard design combines sleek black and silver colors with straight lines and curves to improve driver operability and visibility. The multi-display monitor, switches, equipment, and instruments are optimally arranged for ease of use. Switches light up when in use and at night, making them easily visible at a quick glance.

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Belt-In Seat

The BIS (Belt-in seat)* reduces oppression during driving by incorporating the seat belt into the seat body and following the movement of the seat suspension. It is equipped with a variety of adjustment mechanisms that finely respond to your physique and personal preferences, providing a comfortable ride even over long distances. The high-performance seats not only reduce driving fatigue but also contribute to driver safety.

*Belt-in seat is available as an option for sleeper cabins

UD belt-in seat
Disc brakes for reliable and powerful braking

Disc brakes for reliable and powerful braking

Disc brakes are available on all models for quick and smooth pedal response. They deliver reliable braking even on long descents, bearing a full load. By combining a variety of advanced systems, including brake blending and the Emergency Braking System (EBS) — we have achieved braking comfort that reduces driver fatigue and is easy on cargo. 

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See what customers say


To me, the new gear lever adopting a straight shift pattern and the switches arranged on the steering wheel are a big factor leading to the ease of operation of the new Quon. In the test drive this time, the “brake blending” perfectly blended the auxiliary brake with the foot brake, and I was able to experience stable and reliable ideal braking. I’d like our drivers to also experience this exquisite effectiveness.

Shinji Mitsuyama, Senior Executive Officer, Charters Company Co.,Ltd