The pursuit of Ultimate Dependability

To meet the development of the logistics system which economy, society and living rest on, we reach for the ultimate truck, a truck with high durability and less trouble, a truck with high payload and superior fuel efficiency. This was the vision of our founder over 80 years ago, and it is still our vision today.

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The DNA coursing through UD Trucks
Development of the ND1 engine and LD1 truck was the realization of a dream for Kenzo Adachi. Through the production of its first engines and trucks, UD Trucks learned several key requirements to ensure transportation capacity that could support society, industry and lifestyles and thus  the birth of his philosophy “To make the trucks the world needs today.”

Adachi’s development ethos has been passed down to the present day as the DNA of UD Trucks.

  • Make it durable
    Boost the quality of each and every part and build a long-lasting truck that can handle even the toughest roads.
  • Contribute to a reduction in vehicle-related costs for users
    Minimize the consumption of fuel and lubricant and make vehicles that are easy to maintain.
  • Produce a truck that never breaks down
    Employ a simple structure and continue improving parts that have the potential to cause a problem.
  • Enable decent carrying capacity
    Make trucks with excellent traction that can stably transport a variety of different cargo and in large quantity.

Over the generations we have carried out our founder’s vision to provide the trucks and services the world needs today in different eras. Find out more about these milestones in our proud history here.