Service Schedule
Success in the transport business means running your trucks with as few interruptions as possible. This requires keeping the number of unplanned service stops to a minimum. With our free-of-charge Service Planning, you can do just that. Service Planning is a simple and reliable way to plan your service, ensuring highest possible productivity and minimising the risk of downtime.

By letting us help plan the service of your truck, you don’t have to visit us as often. This means that you get more time to do what you do best. We will work with you to create Service Schedule. By giving us an estimate of the distances that will be covered, we can accurately estimate your service needs. When we create the Service Schedule, the information given by you together with our expertise will assure that your truck is maintained in best fashion.

Our system will calculate a complete Service Schedule, showing what action needs to be taken during the entire duration of the service period. The Service Schedule will also state at exactly what mileages each action should be taken.  

By setting up a Service Schedule for your truck, you have taken the first step towards more carefree miles. Your truck will thank you by always running at peak performance.

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