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We built your truck, so of course we also know best how to take care of it. Our technicians constantly update their knowledge and skills as new features are added. UD Trucks workshops have all the efficient diagnostics systems, special tools and the very latest service literature available. We only use parts that belong in your truck – Genuine UD Parts. All this means your truck has the shortest possible downtime and is back on the road quickly.

Know your costs today

Our package solutions are designed to make your service centre visits simple and safe. Regardless if you want a service or repair of your truck, you will know the cost in advance and avoid unpleasant surprises on the invoice.

With our package solutions you get:

Everything fitted and ready for the road – at a very expedient fixed price
 - No surprises on the invoice. Any supplementary work required is notified in advance
 - Thorough work by technicians who know your truck inside out
 - UD Genuine Parts
 - 12-month warranty on parts and labour

UD trucks technicians