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UD Connect Solution

UD Connect Solution

UD Connect uses the latest technology to capture data on operational and truck performance, turning it into easy-to-read reports to help you improve driver performance, save fuel and reduce maintenance costs.

UD Connect is a high tech fleet management system that monitors driver and truck performance, with real-time analysis and top-line reporting.

Each truck in Australia that’s fitted with UD Connect will give you instant feedback on driver behaviour while they’re out on the road, allowing you to identify areas of improvement.

The comprehensive reporting covers four key measures:
Vehicle Monitoring & Security

  • Anticipating & braking
  • Engine & gear utilisation
  • Speed adaptation
  • Time idling (standstill)

All trucks on UD Connect appear on the map in the portal, so you can see their location at any time – and can search where they’ve been.

A key feature of UD Connect is the unique fuel efficiency score function, which measures truck and driver performance. Your UD Connect dashboard shows you all key data:

  • Total operational time
  • Total distance covered
  • Average speed
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Total CO2 emission
  • Vehicle utilisation



The smarter your trucks are driven, the more you’ll save on fuel, down time and maintenance. The other big advantage to improving efficiency is less impact on the environment. This core UD Connect package helps you lower fuel consumption and reduce environmental impact by highlighting where improvements can be made and allowing you to monitor ongoing results. UD vehicles can access the following reports:

  • Fuel Efficiency 
  • Performance
  • Fuel & AdBlue
  • Environmental 
  • Odometer 
  • Summary
  • Tracking 
  • Fuel Level change
The ability to create custom reports now exists.


This package offers comprehensive location mapping, so you can pinpoint a vehicle’s location, from open highway to city street, to improve journey planning and fleet co-ordination.

An automatic alert can be issued to signal a specific geographical location, such as a drop-off or collection point.

  • Geofence crossing
  • Route calculation
  • Position and tracking
  • Address lookup
  • Customer online tracking
  • Route history


Benefits of UD Connect Services

Enhances the control of your business

Enhances the control of your business

It provides the mission critical information about your fleet to enable you to know where your trucks are and the progress or status of your deliveries.


Provides essential fuel optimization

It provides easy to read reports on fuel usage. You will then be able to take immediate actions, that will lead to more efficient fuel consumption; improvements in your drivers’ behavior resulting in significant cost savings.


Helps manage fleet uptime

It provides comprehensive and proactive support to assist you maintain your fleet’s uptime. It is through a closer relationship with your UD truck dealer in Australia that they can provide this foundation for continuity and in case of breakdown, time-loss, which will be minimized through our Remote Customer Assistance.

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