With innovative safety features that put people first, our next-generation of Quon trucks feature enhancements in five major areas — enabling your business to Drive for Better

Quon's safety


Advanced Smart Safety functions for both drivers and road users

The Quon with new features is our safest one yet. Packing an enhanced suite of smart safety technologies, it delivers long-term commercial vehicle safety for drivers, communities, and other road users.

Enhanced driver and pedestrian safety with: Traffic Eye Brake System & Cruise Control (with Stop and Auto Go), Driver Alert System, BSIS, MOIS, and VRU detection — amongst several other upgrades to your new Quon. The Quon with new features represents UD Trucks' commitment to the automotive industry’s Vision Zero — a future that includes no injuries or fatalities from road collisions.


Comfortable and efficient driving performance

Enjoy a unique driving experience that blends true sophistication with ultimate safety. Drive with the revolutionary "ESCOT-Ⅵ" 12-speed automated manual transmission for seamless gear shifting. 

Secure your journey with built-in active, passive and basic safety technologies. Additionally, our easy-to-understand instrument panel layout and ergonomic cab interior complement Quon’s features, both new and existing, to reduce driver stress and fatigue — giving you a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

Quon's fuel efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

Sustainable and greater long-term fuel economy

Optimize your cost of ownership with the Quon's exceptional fuel efficiency. The Quon with new features comes equipped with advanced engines, driveline improvements, and the new ESCOT-VI transmission. Both the GH11 and GH8 engines are  lightweight, powerful, cleaner and compliant with Japanese 2016 exhaust gas regulations. Our ESCOT-VI also features a road predictive function called "Foretrack"* which automatically adjusts gears according to road incline. Plus, your Quon comes with our "Nenpi coach” system installed, which guides drivers towards more efficient driving practices.

*Standard for GH11 engine and ESCOT-Ⅵ mounted truck


Chassis redesigned with efficient cargo hauling in mind

Enhance your operational efficiency and mobility. With superior loading performance, the Quon with new features has a chassis designed for body-mounting efficiency and strength. With a lighter vehicle chassis and higher maximum payload, you’ll speed up your loading process and conduct your daily business operations more efficiently.

UD trucks productivity
UD Trucks Uptime


Reliability and durability you can count on

The Quon with new features is a durable and dependable transport solution that enables businesses to thrive in a competitive landscape. State-of-the-art enhancements result in longer hours on the road, fewer breakdowns and improved cost of ownership. Secure your uptime with improved servicing schedules and industry-leading maintenance services, such as UD Extra Mile Support and UD Road Support.  We keep you moving for long-term business profitability.