The 11L Quon range – featuring the fuel efficient, powerful and clean GH11 engine. 

The GH 11 engine – improved horsepower and torque. 

The fuel efficient, power and clean GH11 engine generates torque in a wide revolution range, starting from low revolutions, and features a new fuel injection system and changes to the shape of the combustion chamber. These advancements enable the engine to exceed Japanese heavy vehicle fuel economy standards by 5%, and to comply with the stringent pPNLT Emissions Standards, which exceed Euro 6 emission requirements.

The CW 26 390 model


The 6x4 CW 26 390 is perfect for applications including tipper, plant, tilt tray and water cart.

A high GCM of 50 tonne & a 390hp 11 litre engine allows for even greater payloads, and the use of larger trailers

The GW 26 460, GW 26 420, GK 17 420 models
These models are all designed with the Australian prime mover market in mind. Featuring high levels of power and torque, these models are fuel-efficient work horses. 

The CD 25 390 model


The 6x2 CD 25 390 has a lower tare weight which means bigger payloads. The 45 Tonne GCM allows more payload & trailer towing capacity.

Built to excel in the tough Australian conditions the 11L-litre Quon CD 25 390 can be used for applications such as Rigid FMCG General Freight, Refrigerated Cargo.

The CG 32 390 and the CG 32 420 models


The new 8X4 CG models are tailor made for the Australian market, offering a high-tensile steel chassis frame and low tare weight for increased payload. Perfect for waste and construction.


Heavy duty range

11-Litre Quon CG 32 420

Axle Configuration

8x4 Load share front suspension




GVW 32000 - 55000kg







Braking System

Full air disc brakes to all axles with EBS and ABS

Emission Control System (ECS)

Post Post New Long Term emission regulation; Euro VI


FMCG; Local distribution; Refrigerated Freight; Tilt Tray; Rigid and multi axle dog trailer