Gemba Challenge 2022 Global Final in Japan demonstrates service excellence

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On November 9, the Gemba Challenge 2022 Global Final took place at the UD Experience Center in Ageo, Japan. The Gemba Challenge, which had been held every other year since 2014, took place for the first time since 2018, as the competition in 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic.

The Gemba Challenge is a global competition featuring the service excellence of the frontline people in UD Trucks dealerships and workshops. Each team represents the best of the best from various parts of the world, who had already won preliminary regional competitions from a field of more than 2000 people within the UD dealer network. This year the top 12 teams from 7 countries, battled it out in the Quester (6 teams) and Quon (6 teams) categories.

UD Trucks understands how important “time”, or uptime, is to its customers. UD Trucks service colleagues provide irreplaceable "time" to customers by minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime of their vehicles. "It’s TIME", the central theme of the Gemba challenge 2022, emphasized the gemba spirit of our colleagues who work tirelessly in giving time back to our customers.

Throughout the day of the competition, finalists competed across five stages: "Electrical", "Engine", "Tech Tool/Diagnosis tools", "Diagnosis" and "Commercial/Warranty". Teams were scored based on their achievement and approach taken at each stage. It was a tight race, with first, second and third place undecided until the final stage.

Kouji Maruyama, President of UD Trucks, said, “It's been roughly three years since the pandemic began. Even during its height, the service teams here today tirelessly supported global logistics on the front lines, ensuring proper maintenance and the supply of parts day-in-and-out. Together with our colleagues from all over the world, we hope that you feel proud of the work you and your teams do to keep our society moving.”?


Gemba Challenge 2022 Results

Quester category
• 1st place: Indonesia/United Tractors UT Jakarta (ID team)
• 2nd place: Indonesia/AIUDSO Al-Surabaya-Waru (Keciwis)
• 3rd place: South Africa/Shorts Commercial Vehicles (Southern Shorts)

Quon category
• 1st place: Japan/Hachinohe CC (Team Hachinohe)
• 2nd place: Australia/VCV Brisbane North (Night Riders)
• 3rd place: Japan/Kanazawa CC (Hyakumangoku)

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