Update on childcare leave and associated initiatives at UD Trucks

childcare leave

In line with revisions to "Paternity Leave" legislation in October 2022, UD Trucks is promoting the enhancement of childcare leave for both male and female employees.

UD Trucks revised its guidelines regarding childcare leave in October 2022. Paternity leave can be taken twice by employees for up to four weeks (28 calendar days) during the eight weeks after childbirth. Moreover the salary of the employee will be paid for seven consecutive calendar days from the start date of the leave. Employees who have been with the company for less than one year can also take paid paternity leave for seven consecutive calendar days. In addition, during maternity leave for female employees before and after childbirth, the full salary will be paid for seven consecutive calendar days from the start date of the leave.


Rate of childcare leave taken and average number of days acquired by men and women at UD Trucks

※1:  During the above period,  the percentage of the total number of male workers who took childcare leave, paternity leave, and leaves for childcare purposes out of male workers whose spouse gave birth.  (Child nursing leave and annual paid leave are not included.)
※2:  The average number of days taken by women includes childcare leave, maternity leave, leave for childcare purposes, etc. (Child nursing leave and annual paid leave are not included.)


UD Trucks believes that promoting childcare leave for employees regardless of gender has many benefits including a healthy work-life balance, better recruiting and retention of human resources, improved employee satisfaction, a greater sense of belonging and diversity.  We also believe these initiatives have other benefits including improved ways of working.

According to an internal survey, more than 80% of male employees would like to take childcare leave of between five days and less than three months when a child is born. We also found that many employees, regardless of gender or age, believe it is necessary to create a work environment that makes it easy for anyone to take time off.
UD Trucks is conducting the following activities to create a work environment that is conducive for working parents to raise children.

1.    Posting information regarding childcare leave on the company intranet
2.    Holding seminars for managers to outline expectations and guidelines on childcare leave.
3.    Conducting E-learning courses to prevent maternity or paternity harassment for all employees (Training conducted at plants and dealerships use related materials).
4.    Updating working regulations related to childcare leave.
5.    Consolidating various systems and processes related to childbirth and childcare in an easy-to-understand manner so that anyone can access them at any time;  creating a "handbook on childbirth and childcare" and posting it on the company intranet.
6.    Featuring interviews with male employees who have taken childcare leave on the company intranet.


Introducing the experiences of male employees working at UD Trucks who have taken childcare leave.

UD Trucks strives to create a work environment where employees can balance work and family. Initiatives include a work-from-home options, reducing overtime work, and promoting the use of paid leave. UD Trucks will continuously improve work environments and encourage flexible ways of working.