Career & Opportunity


Career Opportunity 自分で決めるキャリアパス

UDトラックスでは、社内公募制度を通じて日本国内はもちろん、国外での募集であっても様々な部署や 職種に自ら応募することができます。性別や国籍、年齢にとらわれず、個人のもつ能力やスキルを最大限に 活用するための制度や環境が整っています。
We provide the tools to build your own career path, including the chance to work anywhere in the world through our internal recruitment system. This allows you to find opportunities regardless of nationality, gender or age. There are career opportunities for everyone. As just one example, we recently welcomed a new employee to the Quality Assurance section in the Technology Department, who moved to Japan from her home country.

Training and competence development 自分に合った研修でスキルアップ

Career development and learning are top priorities for UD Trucks. Employees can take part in various training programs, an excellent way to learn new skills, from broad subjects to specific topics related to your area of expertise.