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Advanced safety features

Cab design emphasizes functional beauty that combines ruggedness and comfort. The cab lineup includes a standard cab and a wide cab. Full cab/short cab options are also available, allowing for a variety of applications.


Advanced safety features

The steering wheel, seats, and pedals have all been redesigned to provide spaciousness and comfort. In addition to the standard seats, optional air suspension seats with an automatic weight adjustment system are also available. By optimizing the layout of instruments and displays, a comfortable driving environment has been created to reduce driver fatigue and stress.

Fuel Efficiency/Environmental Performance

Highly efficient engine

The lightweight and compact 4HK1 engine and “Smoother Fx” transmission equipped with a fuel-saving automatic gear shift mode delivers excellent performance coupled with attractive fuel efficiency and economy. In addition, the DPD + Urea SCR* system collects and incinerates PM in the DPD portion and decomposes NOx into harmless water and nitrogen in the Urea SCR portion, resulting in significantly cleaner exhaust emissions.
*DPD: Diesel Particulate Defuser / SCR: Selective Catalytic Reduction


Advanced safety features

A number of safety features such as Blind Spot Monitor, which detects vehicles and people and alerts the driver with an alarm; Pre-Crash Brake, which detects the distance of the vehicle ahead and alerts the driver and applies the brakes when getting too close; and Emergency Driving Stop System, which automatically applies the brakes and stops the vehicle in the event of an emergency, such as the driver suddenly falling ill at the wheel.