UD Trucks launches new powerful Quon GW 6×4 tractor in Japan


On April 4, UD Trucks introduced the heavy-duty Quon GW 6x4 tractor in Japan. This new truck is powerful yet fuel-efficient, with superior drivability, braking, and comfort. It puts people and cargo first - helping reduce driver fatigue while improving transportation efficiency. 

The Quon GW 6x4 tractor is positioned as the company’s flagship model. Achieving overwhelming power and torque delivered from the 13-liter engine, the truck is fuel efficient and easy to drive thanks to ESCOT and UD Active Steering technology. It also boasts a smooth combination of disc brakes and industry-leading auxiliary brakes. 

At a launch event for the new 6x4 tractor, which has been reintroduced for the first time in 13 years, UD Trucks President Kouji Maruyama said, "As a truck manufacturer, we always put drivers first and try to stay one step ahead in addressing challenges faced by the industry today. We hope that all drivers will find that the new 6x4 Quon is easier to drive and helps reduce fatigue associated with long-haul driving, giving them energy for tomorrow."

Four key features
[On the road]
The new 6x4 Quon runs smoothly on the road, with the next generation ESCOT-VII transmission and raw power delivered by the GH13 engine. In order to realize a gross vehicle weight (GCW) of 60 tons or more, the engine outputs 530 horsepower. In addition, the 12-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission has evolved beyond ESCOT-VI, with the new ESCOT-VII enabling quicker and smoother shifting.

UD Active Steering reduces driver fatigue and contributes to safety. Since its launch in 2021, UD Active Steering has been highly praised by drivers and now has been added to the new GW 6x4 Quon. The heaviness of the steering wheel can differ greatly between driving with a fully loaded trailer and an empty one. However, with UD Active Steering, the ease of steering greatly reduces driver fatigue and contributes to safety.
See more information on UD Active Steering.

The combination of industry-leading auxiliary brakes, engine brakes, and disc brakes provides reliable, smooth and powerful braking. The large-capacity hydraulic retarder used in the new 6x4 Quon achieves superior braking force even when transporting heavy loads downhill. By combining the engine brake with the disc brakes, which are only employed by UD Trucks among the Japan commercial vehicle manufacturers, reliable and excellent braking is ensured. Even on longer descents, the vehicle speed can be maintained and controlled with a minimal amount of foot brake.

The new 6x4 Quon air suspension is ideal for both the cargo and the driver, whether the vehicle is fully loaded or empty. The 16-ton and 18-ton class 5th wheel is the first among Japanese manufacturers to be equipped with rear air suspension. The trucks are also ideal for transporting precision equipment and even with heavy load items such as steel, the lashing wire fits tight. In addition, the comfortable ride when the vehicle is not towing a load greatly reduces driver fatigue.

Interior and exterior
In its positioning as a flagship model, the new 6x4 Quon features an exclusive interior and exterior. The exterior features a special dark chrome-plated grill, silver-plated hexagon grille and three bars, and a special emblem. The interior features black seats and a black leather steering wheel.

Addressing 2024 challenges
Goods moving by truck account for 90% of freight transported in Japan and the industry is facing serious issues such as driver shortages and soaring fuel prices. In particular, the upper limit on overtime hours for drivers in Japan will be capped to 960 hours a year from April 1, 2024. The development of this flagship model emphasizes a safer and more comfortable ride for drivers, aiming to improve transportation efficiency and driver productivity.

In an awareness survey conducted by UD Trucks in March 2023 among 400 truck drivers, roughly 70% of the respondents said that they felt uneasy about driving an unfamiliar vehicle and over 80% of drivers wanted trucks that are easy for anyone to drive. The shortage of drivers in Japan is expected to become more acute due to legislation capping overtime in 2024.

This survey shows that that both existing drivers and new entrants to the truck driving profession are demanding improvements in working environments and the trucks they drive.

Details on the survey is here: https://www.udtrucks.com/news-and-stories/news/survey-reveals-workload-trucks-drivers-40-over-past-5-years