UD Trucks Gunma Parts Center applies solar heat reflective paint

- Reducing environmental impacts and increasing workplace comfort -
Gunma Autoparts Center

UD Trucks Gunma Parts Center (Ota City, Gunma Prefecture), a distribution hub for domestic and overseas aftermarket vehicle parts, has applied solar heat reflective paint to the roof and outer walls of the facility.*1 As a result, indoor temperatures during the summer months have been lowered by up to 10.5 degrees and electricity consumption has been reduced by 10% annually. This has led to a more comfortable workplace and fewer CO2 emissions. 

Lowering indoor temperatures in the summer by applying solar heat reflective paint 

Climate change and global warming are being driven by a continuous increase in greenhouse gas emissions, especially CO2. Summers in Japan are getting hotter year by year, and Ota City in Gunma Prefecture, where the Gunma Parts Center is located, is no exception. 

UD Trucks invested in solar heat reflective paint, which has helped reduce sweltering temperatures inside the facility and lower energy consumption.*2 “The facility is not air-conditioned, and in summer months there was an increased risk of heat stroke. Now it is a much more comfortable working environment” says a Gunma Parts Center employee. 

The white coating has also restored the aesthetics of the building and brought other benefits such as improved waterproofing and rust prevention.  

Toward the Realization of Sustainable Logistics and Society 

Other efforts to reduce CO2 emissions at the facility include converting to LED lighting, adopting electric forklifts, and sourcing renewable energy. The introduction of solar panels is also under consideration. UD Trucks Gunma Parts Center is also geographically close to Iwafune Global Center of Isuzu Motors Ltd. (Isuzu Logistics Ltd.), allowing the facilities to work on joint transportation projects that bring greater efficiencies and help reduce group CO2 emissions.  

In line with the company’s Better Life purpose, UD Trucks is committed to making life better for people and the planet.  

Note 1) Painted area is 41,899 m2 on the roof and 10,123 m2 for the outer wall. 

Note 2) 10% annual reduction in power consumption: 614 MWH in 2021 vs 683 MWH in 2018 (comparing data in 2018 before solar heat reflective paint was applied). Temperature readings were taken at the same point with the maximum temperature decreasing by 10.5 degrees (July 2018 <38.0 ° C> to July 2020 <27.5 ° C>). Average temperature inside the building: 26.0°C from June to September 2020, 26.5°C from June to September 2022.