UD Quon goes, leaner, greener, safer and bigger.

UD Quon Warehouse

UD Trucks Australia has taken advantage of both the Brisbane Truck Show and the Southbank Truck festival to showcase the latest features on offer for the UD Quon.

The heavy hitting UD has been going from strength to strength in Australia and the lineup will now feature a new 6400mm/16 pallet wheelbase variant available in both 8x4 and 6x4 guise. The locally engineered wheelbase solution is based on the 8 litre 360hp Quon and is available with either an Allison automatic or ESCOT automated transmission.

The 11 litre UD powerplant also saw a recent revision with an increase in torque figures across the range. A redesigned turbocharger, low drag pistons and cylinder liners all conspire to deliver even more fuel efficiency for the Quon without compromising on driveability.

“Our path to a zero emissions future starts with making significant gains in fuel efficiency,” says Lauren Pulitano, Vice President UD Trucks Australia. “The Ppnlt compliant Quon already exceeds Euro 6 emissions levels and adding class leading fuel efficiency on top of that is a big step.”

“These upgrades to the 11 litre Quon will see significant gains in fuel efficiency while remaining a firm favourite with drivers and operators alike.”

A raft of safety improvements are also available, which bolster an already impressive array of features such as an improved Traffic Eye Brake System (AEB) , Traffic Eye Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning System with Blind Spot Information System and Electronic Stability Control. Traffic Eye improvements also now include Improved Traffic Eye Cruise Control with Stop and Driver Initiate Go feature – Automatically controls speed for the driver easily, reducing fatigue and stress for drivers.

The updated safety systems provide a new level of safety for pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users as the blind spot system can detect pedestrians up to 30 metres in front or behind the vehicle as well as down the sides. 

“Our industry is driving towards a safer future for not only our workers but also other road users as a whole,” continues Pulitano.

“So many of our vehicles operate in the heart of our cities, close to where everyday people work and plays.”

 “Whether it be delivering to a construction site or a supermarket our trucks are at the frontline when it comes to interacting with all sorts of road users and pedestrians.”

“While many of the fantastic upgrades to the Quon family undoubtedly make it a world class workplace for the driver, I’m most proud of the significant active safety advances the UD Quon now offers.”