UD Trucks renews Academic Partnership Program with Sophia University

~ Partnership to continue over the long term ~
At the signing ceremony

On March 7, UD Trucks and Sophia University renewed the Academic Partnership Program (APP*1) for the third time, an industry-academic collaboration agreement initiated in 2014. 

Sophia University, a prestigious private university in Tokyo, will provide students with opportunities to explore career possibilities through an industry-academic partnership with UD Trucks, aiming to develop human resources who can thrive on the global stage. UD Trucks will run programs that familiarize the students with the workings of the company, helping pique their interest in business and future career options. The program will also convey the essence of manufacturing and business operations of a global commercial vehicle manufacturer.

The three-year program, which first began in March 2014 between Sophia University and Volvo Group, UD Trucks parent company at the time, has been renewed for a third time. The current program is now between Sophia University and UD Trucks, in effect from April 1, 2023 to the end of March 2026.

The program consists of three parts: Lectures by UD Trucks employees to fall semester students, summer internships, and a scholarship program.

In the fall semester of the 2022-2023, a total of 14 lectures were given by UD Trucks employees covering the company’s global manufacturing and business processes. This included the workings of different departments and functions, and how they work together in line with company goals and strategies.

Five Sophia University students participated in the summer internship program in 2022. In addition to hands-on work experience, the interns were given the opportunity to give a final presentation to UD Trucks employees and given constructive feedback. 

UD Trucks also provides scholarships to Sophia University students to foster future global talent on the world stage. 

Mr. Yoshiaki Terumichi, President of Sophia University, said, “In an era where the quality of education and research must compete at a globally, Sophia University is actively pursuing initiatives to ensure that we continue to be a university with a truly international outlook. We would like to continue to develop as a university that can fully compete on the global stage. It is an honor for us to have a partner who can provide opportunities for our students to learn about business and exchange ideas through this industry-academic collaboration. We hope to continue our partnership with UD Trucks for many years to come."

Naoto Hakamata, Chairman of UD Trucks, said, "I am very happy to see the APP renewed for the third time since its inception in 2014. The most important aspect of a company is its people. The competitiveness of its people is the source of a company's strength. We are approaching a time of great environmental and business change in our industry and the world. In order to overcome these changes, we believe that it will become increasingly important to drive our business with a diverse workforce. We look forward to collaborating with Sophia University in the future to nurture the next generation of human resources by giving students opportunities to experience the realities and changes we are facing in our global business." 

The signing ceremony was held at the Yotsuya Campus of Sophia University in Tokyo.

*1) Academic Partnership Program