Quon celebrates 20 years of innovation

Quon 20yrs

This year marks the 20th anniversary of UD Trucks' flagship heavy-duty Quon, which went on sale in 2004.

Twenty years ago, Quon was introduced to the world to help address growing challenges such as environmental issues and driver shortages. Back then, truck manufacturers were facing pressure to meet upcoming emission regulations in Japan that were said to be the strictest in the world, and UD Trucks was determined to meet those standards. 

In 2004, UD Trucks became the first company in the world to commercialize the urea SCR system in a heavy-duty truck, and Quon was born. The development of the SCR system and the launch of a nationwide supply network for AdBlue®, which is essential for nitrogen oxide purification, has become an industry standard and is widely used in trucks today.

From the beginning, Quon was designed with the environment and driver in mind. The next iteration of the truck, the new Quon, was launched in 2017 after innovative improvements were made to the engine, transmission, and connectivity.

This legacy of innovation has continued to the present.
With groundbreaking technologies such as UD Active Steering, Quon continues to deliver innovative features that provide a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

The new Quon GW, launched in 2023, with its GH13 engine, delivers unparalleled power and torque to confidently haul the heaviest of loads.

20 years of Quon innovation, going the extra mile.

UD Trucks - Quon Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation