UD Trucks awarded "Eruboshi" certification for advancement of women in workplace


On April 17, UD Trucks was awarded the 3-star (highest of three levels) Eruboshi accreditation by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The company commended for its excellent efforts to promote the advancement of women in the workplace.

Eruboshi is a system for certifying companies with excellent implementation of initiatives for the promotion of women's activities. Specifically, companies are evaluated based on five criteria: 'recruitment', 'continued employment', 'working hours / working methods', 'ratio of managers' positions' and 'diverse career paths'. They are certified at three levels depending on the number of criteria fulfilled.

UD Trucks has been awarded the 'third and highest level' of certification, which means that it meets all of the criteria set by Eruboshi.

Strong progress championing women for over a decade

At UD Trucks, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) activities have been a major focus since 2011, with a goal of building a culture that respects diversity and is inclusive of diverse opinions and personalities.

Since 2014, UD Trucks has held an annual D&I Week to create opportunities for its employees to learn about D&I in more detail, and in terms of HR systems, the company introduced a teleworking system in 2014, a flex-working system with no core hours in 2015. Finally, in 2020 UD Trucks changed its work rules to consider diversity as part of its efforts to create a more comfortable working environment. 

UD Trucks will continue to create a safe working environment for all colleagues, regardless of nationality, preferences, background or age, and promote the creation of a workplace where each employee can play an active role.


Learn more about Eruboshi certification here.

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