Quon UD Trucks 8x4

Volvo Group Australia Announces new Vice President of Sales for UD Trucks


Responding to business needs
Condor PK
Condor PK 16 250
GVW 15.5Ton | 4x2 | 250Hp
Condor PK
Condor PK 16 280
GVW 16Ton | 4x2 | 280Hp
Condor PK
Condor PK 17 280
GVW 16.5Ton | 4x2 | 280Hp

Condor PD 24 280
GVW 23.5Ton | 6x2 | 280Hp
Condor PW Angle Profile
Condor PW 24 280
GVW 0-23.5Ton | 6x4 | 0-280Hp

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