Journalists put the Enhanced Quon to the test

Enhanced UD Quon 6x4 Tipper

Last month, our Enhanced UD Quon 6x4 Tipper had it’s upgraded engine and new safety features put to the test with a journey around the Darling Downs, loaded with 11 tonnes of gravel.

As the trip concluded in the scenic fields of Charlton, the Quon proved to be a star performer in all things safety, efficiency, comfort and power. 

“This is a proven package, simply made better. Volvo Group technology with Japanese roots, and comfort and safety in equal quantities – sign us up.

The cabin of the Quon is a Europe-meets-Japan affair, with a driver-facing cockpit with sensible ergonomics and great visibility, not only of the road but also of the various screens and alerts across the dash. The full gamut of UD safety DNA is built into the updated Quon, with an enhanced mix of passive and active safety systems to keep operators and other road users safe.

While the 8x4 model is a popular candidate for tipper bodies, this 6x4 proved that if you don’t need the extra weight the 6x4 is a perfect solution for around-town operators that want one truck to do it all.

The only thing we would change is the drive loop, adding some extra kilometres to the run, because we didn’t want to get out once it was over!” – Cobey Bartels,

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