Prestige Civil Group paves the way with UD

UD Trucks in the Prestige fleet

Patrick O'Sullivan, Director of Prestige Civil Group, started his business when he was just 21 years old. His journey began as a one-man-one-truck operation nearly 20 years ago, and has since evolved into a 150 person operation, providing diversified services across civil and road maintenance applications to corporate entities and state and local government bodies. Pat’s strategic approach to business expansion included investing in a concrete plant, transport division, and soil recycling department. The prestige fleet currently boasts a fleet of 60 trucks to support these operations, 10 of which are UD. The deployment of UD Trucks in the Prestige fleet has been a key factor in achieving fuel savings and operational efficiencies, with Pat praising the durability and comfort of the product, and their ability to consistently perform.  

“Those UDs are the comfiest trucks I’ve driven and we run them all through the business now in all avenues”, said Pat.  

“I bought a couple of the UD Quons for my livebottom semi-trailers and once I got into the Quons and the UD Croners I haven’t looked back. We give them a hard time and we’re filling them up with asphalt and concrete and they stand up to the test.” 

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