Holistic Employee Wellbeing

At UD Trucks, we are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace for our employees. We prioritize employee growth and development, provide employees with a variety of training and development opportunities, engage our employees through various activities, assist employees with health management in consideration of work-life balance.

Career Fair
UD Trucks hosted Career Fair with the initiative to help our employees seek more career development possibilities.
All UD colleagues globally are encouraged to join this event!
It consists of various activities, including vary booth activities, language cafe, and panel discussion., etc. 
We aim to improve our colleagues understanding and engagement with career growth opportunities and build their knowledge about how they can further develop themselves in the workplace. 

Language Learning Opportunities

UD Trucks offers consistent learning and development opportunities to all colleagues in a wide variety of prioritized topics and different formats to suit the business needs. The mission is to ensure enough opportunities to develop our colleague's competence.

Especially for foreign language training, we offered Japanese language training and hosted English Café at regular base. Through these language trainings, our employees can better express themselves and work together across borders with great efficiency

Global Mobility

As a global commercial vehicle solutions provider, we provide our employees with a variety of global mobility opportunities, including short term assignments and local employment.

Global mobility adds value to the business while also developing employees. You can go into UD Careers website to explore more job opportunities throughout the world.

Better Life

We hold the belief that employee’s active engagement drives to big business success. Have fun and enjoy work at UD Trucks!
Our engagement committee organize different events and activities every year, to engage and energize our colleagues. 
There are some environmental care and sustainability activities ongoing in China to optimize energy usage, paper consumption and waste elimination, which are good for the planet. 
These events help us build up a closer connection with each other, with society and further contribute to a better teamwork as One UD and to a better life.

DE&I in our DNA

At UD Trucks, we celebrate our diverse and inclusive family. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) is our core strength and value. We respect and trust each other, communicate openly and honestly, and work together without hierarchy. Every year since 2014, we have been hosting DE&I Week to reinforce this culture. We organize various events and activities, such as panel discussions, unconscious bias training, skits, and expert talks on DE&I topics.