A global competition held every other year to develop and demonstrate the service excellence of the frontline people in UD dealerships and workshops around the world.

UD Gemba Challenge

The UD Gemba Challenge was launched in 2014. The purpose was to create a competition that allowed our service market teams to improve and demonstrate their skills with the best in the UD World. The UD Gemba Challenge gets its name from the Gemba Spirit, which is a core value at UD Trucks. It’s this spirit that fills our service market teams with passion and drives them to go the extra mile for our customers every single day.

UD Gemba Challenge

The UD Gemba Challenge is the perfect stage to showcase the competence and talent among UD colleagues. As teamwork is such an important part of success in the workshop, the UD Gemba Challenge is a team competition, requiring the expert knowledge of Customer Service Representatives, Parts Operatives & Technicians. The first two rounds of the competition are a mixture of technical, commercial and brand related questions. The best teams are then invited to the final in November 2022, which will be held in Ageo in Japan, the headquarters of UD Trucks.

The goal of the UD Gemba Challenge

- To act as a motivational tool driving a global UD culture of loyalty, brand awareness and competence development
- To showcase the skills of UD service market teams
- To ultimately deliver Better Life in the form of improved knowledge and skills of UD colleagues, which will lead to an enhanced service experience for customers

UD Gemba Challenge 2022 – “It’s Time”

Everyday thousands of UD colleagues embody the gemba spirit in serving customers all over the world. We understand how important “time”, or uptime, is to our customers. UD Trucks service colleagues provide irreplaceable "time" to customers by minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime of their vehicles. "It’s TIME", the central theme of the Gemba challenge 2022, emphasizes the gemba spirit of our colleagues who work tirelessly in giving time back to our customers.

The UD Gemba Challenge is all about celebrating the great work that our service market teams do every day.

It’s time to celebrate our heroes.

It’s time to step into the spotlight.

It’s time for the Gemba Challenge.

You can keep up with the UD Gemba Challenge by following the UD Gemba Challenge Facebook page. Here you will receive competition updates and other information showcasing the gemba skills in action at UD Trucks. Join us there to help us celebrate our UD Gemba Heroes!

Videos from previous Gemba Challenge are available on the UD Trucks YouTube channel:

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