UD Trucks excels in China's logistics landscape with rich experience and strong partnerships. Our presence in warehousing, transportation, and supply chain management extends throughout the nation. 

Strategically positioned distribution centers in key hubs like Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Guangzhou optimize the efficiency of UD Trucks' comprehensive supply chain. Leveraging our expertise, we contribute to the seamless operation of logistics networks. 

In collaboration with trusted partners, UD Trucks team continues to lead in delivering excellence across the entire spectrum of supply chain services in China.

China site owns 2 X-dock warehouses locating in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Transport team handle export orders from China to Japan,  Thailand and Singapore, coordinate with over suppliers and forwarders. Dealing with huge volume of goods, team has achieved thorough success. Excellent performance for supporting great UD.

Great Team
Our efficient team consists of Logistics & Operation Management specialists who collaborate to launch new projects and optimize logistics networks at home and abroad to achieve excellent performance.