Safe driving is easier if the truck can predict potential dangers and warn the driver. To do this, the Quon features advanced safety systems such as the Traffic Eye Brake (standard) and the Driver Alert System (optional). Disc brakes with high heat dissipation and superior fade resistance improve safe driving. The goal is to achieve 'safety that puts people first’ by providing safe conditions for drivers, while maintaining safety in the surrounding environment. 


Active safety – Predicting risk for driver safety

UD Trucks activity safety components  are designed to prevent accidents happening, keeping both the driver and other road users safe.

  • Traffic Eye Brake System
  • Traffic Eye Cruise Control
  • LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)
  • UDSC (UD Stability Control)
  • Driver Alert System (optional)

Traffic Eye Brake System

This system uses millimeter-wave radar and a camera to monitor the area in front of the truck. If it detects a potential collision it sounds an alarm, displays a warning lamp and a warning message. If the truck continues to close on the vehicle ahead, the system applies the brakes automatically to slow the truck and prevent the collision.

    1. 1. Uses both millimeter-wave radar and camera to monitor conditions in front of the truck.
    1. 2. While driving, if the system detects a chance of collision with the vehicle ahead, it sounds an alarm and displays a warning indicator to alert the driver.
    1. 3. If the vehicle gets close enough for a  collision to be possible, the system quickly applies the brakes to reduce the potential damage from a collision.

NOTE: The Traffic Eye Brake System provides assistance for safe driving, but does not guarantee that all collisions will be avoided. It might not be possible to use this system on some roads, and in some weather conditions. Please take care to drive safely without total reliance on this system.


Passive safety: Suppressing damage to a minimum

If an accident occurs the New Quon has been designed with a number of elements to minimise damage.

  • Highly rigid cabin
  • Side door beams
  • FUPS (Front Underrun Protection System)
  • SRS aribags
  • Seat belt with pre-tensioners
  • Steering wheel & column with impact absorption function
  • ECE-R29 cab strength compliant

Basic safety features

The New Quon has been designed with a number of features which contribute to reducing fatigue while driving, supporting safe driving. These include:

  • LED Headlamps
  • Disc brakes
  • Emergency Braking System
  • UD Extra Engine Braking (UD EEB)
  • UDSC (UD Stability Control)
  • Safe Brake Blending
  • Immobiliser
  • Easy two-step entry/exit & long grip (driver's side)

Disc brakes

Disc brakes with high heat dissipation and superior fade resistance provide reliable braking performance even on long descents.  As they are less susceptible to water penetration, they also provide stable braking performance even in adverse conditions. They respond quickly and smoothly to the brake pedal and reduce the impact of braking, to prevent damage to your valuable cargo.


Emergency Braking System

This system uses dual monitoring with a millimetre-wave radar and camera to warn the driver of a potential collision with the vehicle in front. If the chance of a collision increases, it applies the brakes automatically to reduce damage.

UD EEB (UD Extra Engine Braking)

The UD EEB function on the GH11 engine maintains a high engine rpm to ensure maximum auxiliary braking performance.

Safe Brake Blending

Brake blending provides superior braking efficiency and optimal balance between the main brakes and auxiliary brakes, simply by pressing the brake pedal.


You can only start the engine with the dedicated key, helping to reduce the risk of vehicle theft. The immobiliser is equipped as standard on all models.