First-rate fuel economy

Quester has built-in fuel-efficiency. The wide driveline offer gives the ability to optimize the powertrain with respect to power output, transmission and rear axle ratio. A well specified powertrain ensures that the engine operates at its peak efficiency at all times, enabling good fuel consumption and high average speeds.

The 8-liter engine - balanced and dynamic efficiency

The GH8E is based on UD Trucks’ GH7 engine, which has established a good reputation for its performance and fuel consumption. The GH8E offers excellent performance and is ideal for distribution and construction work.

1. 8-liter diesel engine
2. Low operating cost through reduced maintenance and long service intervals
3. Turbocharging with air-to-air intercooler
4. Power/torque: 220 hp / 850 Nm, 250 hp / 950 Nm, 280 hp / 1 050 Nm, 330 hp / 1 200 Nm


The 11-liter engine - better value for every mile

The GH11E was developed to provide the best possible performance in actual operation. It is based on advanced Global technology in combination with UD Trucks’ manufacturing quality. The low fuel consumption is due to the wide rev range with high thermal efficiency.

1. Fuel-efficient with good drivability
2. Good torque at low revs results in quick response to acceleration
3. Maximum torque within a wide rev range
4. Optional UD Extra Engine Brake (UD EEB) for enhanced braking
5. Electronically controlled cooling fan reduces losses
6. Turbocharging with air-to-air intercooler
7. Engine driven power take-off with high torque output of maximum 1 000 Nm
8. Low noise and vibration at idling
9. Power/torque: 420 hp / 2 000 Nm, 390 hp / 1 800 Nm, 370 hp / 1 700 Nm


Reduced air resistance

Minimizing aerodynamic drag is important since it decreases the wind resistance, leading to better fuel consumption. To reduce drag Quester has the option of fitting roof and side air deflectors. In addition the on-road cab comes as standard with side air vents which also keep the dirt of the side of the cab.


Less fuel per ton carried

Quester has a wide range of different product types such as 6×2T and 8×4R which combined with well dimensioned components and axles offers high GCWs and GVWs. This maximizes the payload and reduces the fuel consumption per ton carried.


Fuel coaching system

Quester comes with a real-time Fuel Coach. The display shows the driver when to shift, brake or accelerate for maximum time in the engines optimum fuel efficient rev range, the so called sweet spot The system is simple to understand and easy to use.


Driving analysis

Quester’s Fuel coaching system is equipped with a telematics system that stores trip data such as distance traveled, fuel consumption and engines operating time in the optimum rev range. Download data and review the logs to improve your transport efficiency even further.


Road speed limiter

Maximum road speed is one of the most important factors with regards to fuel economy. Quester can be ordered with a set speed limiter which can help you reduce fuel consumption by an additional setting in the display.