Improve your fleet uptime and fuel efficiency by UD Telematics Services


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To maximize the profitability of your business, you need to be able to manage your fleet effectively, keeping them on the road for longer while reducing ongoing costs. UD Telematics Services is a high-tech wireless communications system designed to help you do just that.

It will help to improve your profitability by increasing vehicle uptime and enabling better fuel efficiency; while reducing unplanned stops and operational costs.

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Benefits of UD Telematics Services

Keeps you up to date about your business

Enhances the control of your business

It provides the mission critical information about your fleet to enable you to know where your trucks are and the progress or status of your deliveries.

Fuel optimization

Provides essential fuel optimization

It provides easy to read reports on fuel usage. You will then be able to take immediate actions, that will lead to more efficient fuel consumption; improvements in your drivers’ behavior resulting in significant cost savings.

Fleet uptime

Helps manage fleet uptime

It provides comprehensive and proactive support to assist you maintain your fleet’s uptime. It is through a closer relationship with your UD dealer that they can provide this foundation for continuity and in case of breakdown, time-loss, which will be minimized through our Remote Customer Assistance.


UD Telematics Services integrates four key features designed to support you


Track and Trace

Track and Trace ensures that you have a precise overview of the location of your fleet – keeping you in control. You will know when your delivery will be made and can plan alternative routes in the event of traffic congestion.


Proactive Support

Proactive Support is designed to help you increase your vehicle uptime.


Fuel Utilization

Fuel Utilization analyses driver behavior and by that generates easy to read reports so that potential areas for fuel savings can be identified and optimised through improved driving techniques.

*Detailed offers may differ and not all services may be available immediately. Please contact your UD trucks dealer for more information.

UD Telematics Mobile App

The UD Telematics Mobile App provides you with clear visibility of your fleet while on the move with a user friendly interface.    
Managing your fleet has never been easier!    
The UD Telematics Mobile App is currently available on Android and iOS devices for maximum compatibility.   

Why Mobile App?

1. Mobility
Allows you to keep track of your business whether at the office or on the move.

2. Simplicity
Simple and effective visualization allows quick decisions.


Get an instant overview of your current fleet situation

Once logged in, you get an overview of your fleet.
The dashboard also informs you about active notifications.


Quickly find out where your assets are located to keep track of your delivery.

‘Track’ allows you to view the location of your vehicle, as well as provide valuable information reported by the vehicle such as:
1. Current vehicle position
2. Vehicle information
3. Live traffic situation


Analyze your historical trip information

With ‘Trace’ you can replay the route of the selected vehicle for a specified time.
Use this feature for investigation and improvement of your vehicle usage.
1. Trace route
2. Replay journey
3. Display historical vehicle information
4. Select various map types


A simple dashboard to identify fuel consumption improvements

The Performance feature provides a series of dashboards that provides valuable insights to your fuel consumption, including a breakdown of various drive modes.
1. Mileage based fuel consumption analysis
2. Analysis per driving mode
3. Engine hours based fuel consumption analysis


Geofencing alerts

With the UD Telematics Mobile App, geofencing alerts are delivered to your mobile phone as push notifications.
In the event of any deviation, you are informed in real-time.
1. Alert with situational information
2. Visualise the alert location on map
3. Direct contact with your driver

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