The Highest Standards in the World

UD customers are choosing the best-built medium-duty trucks in the world. Trucks that reflect precise, integrated engineering and manufacturing, exceptionally low maintenance and dependable performance plus the maneuverability that improves productivity, and the reliability that keeps a business on the move.

UD Trucks attract customers seeking a new standard of maneuverability, comfort, durability and performance. Just as important, UD Trucks supports its products with a comprehensive parts and service system. To meet provider and customer needs, UD Trucks North America has a centralized Parts Distribution Center in for quick and dependable service.

UD Truck Model Brochures

2012 2011 2010  2009 
UD1800 UD1800 UD1400 UD1400
UD2000 UD2000 UD18CS UD18CS
UD23LP UD23LP UD2000 UD2000
UD2600  UD2600  UD23DH  UD23DH 
UD3300 UD3300 UD2600 UD2600
    UD26LP UD26LP
    UD3300 UD3300

Body Builder Information:

Body Builder Books      
2012 & 2011 2010 2009 2008

Body Builder Bulletins

 1 -   Precautions when Mounting Equipment of Attachments on Vehicles
 2 -   Wheelbase Alterations
 4 -   Precautions when Installing PTOs on Aisin Automatic Transmissions
 5 -   Body Marker Light and Tail Light Connections
 6 -   2003/2004 - Marker Lamp Connectors
 7 -   1999/2004 - UD2600 Frame Dimension Data Revisions
 8 -    2005 and later - P.T.O. External Engine Throttle Control
 9 -    2005 and later - UD1800CS ~ UD3300 Van Body Interior Light Connection
 10 -  2003 and later - UD1800HD, UD2000, UD2300DH, UD2300LP, UD2600, UD3300 - UD TRUCKS Compliance with FMVSS III Rearview Mirrors
 11 -  2006 and later - UD1800HD ~ UD3300 Allison Transmission Transynd ™ Fluid
 12 -  All Models - Welding Precautions
 13 -  All Models - Auxiliary Electrical Power Supply
 14 -  All Models - Connecting LED Brake Lamps
 15 -  PTO Installation Without External Engine Throttle Control
 16 -  Installation of Aftermarket Tail Lights and Converters
 17 -  Shift Cable Bracket for Allison ATM W/PTO
 18 -  Mirror Adjustment for 102" Wide Body
 19 -  Minimum Clearances for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
 20 -  PTO Installation Without External Engine Throttle Control for 2011 MY and After

Additional UD Truck Product Information:

    Corporate Brochure
    Owners Manual