Reducing emissions and waste

Towards decarbonization and zero net waste in all operations

UD Trucks strives to reduce environmental impacts across the entire value chain. Together with its suppliers, the Company is lowering its carbon footprint by actively using renewable energy sources. It is also focusing on reducing waste while reusing and recycling resources.

Reducing CO2 emissions across business activities

With the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, UD Trucks is working to reduce CO2 emissions not only from its factories but across all operations by installing highly efficient facilities and purchasing electricity derived from renewable energy sources.

Reducing CO2 emissions over the product life-cycle


UD Trucks analyzes the environmental impacts of its vehicles at each stage of the product life-cycle, from product development and design to the disposal and recycling of parts. Since most CO2 emissions occur during the usage stage, the Company develops technologies that realize better fuel efficiency. It also holds eco-driving seminars for truck drivers to provide practical advice and tips on driving more efficiently.

Reducing waste at the production and disposal stages

UD Trucks looks for ways to make disassembly work easier and use resources more efficiently starting from the product development stage. For example, bumpers are designed to be simply disassembled into three components, headlights can also be easily dissembled into interchangeable lens and LED units, and fenders are made from recyclable materials. Each dealer has installed disposal facilities and properly sorts waste materials during truck disassembly and disposal.