More than a steady performer.

The new generation advance technology 3.8L CRS engine – features a world class 3.0 Engine Management System. Highly reliable and durable, it is perfectly matched to the distribution sector with its frequentstops, and offers a host of business benefits.The 3.8L CRS engine offers superior power and performance. Better stability achieved via wider chassis frame. Six-speed overdrive gearbox provides higher maximum speed. Driver comfort enhanced by easy steering. Kuzer drivability makes every journey a pleasure.

Structured for success

The Kuzer’s incredible durability is partly
achieved by a modular DOMEX chassis with
a high strength wider frame that carries
less weight. This also facilities better stability
when you need to put your foot down.

It goes without saying that we’ve tested both cab and truck to its limits to ensure the best possible safety. As with all our vehicles, UD Trucks’ goal of ‘safety that puts people first’ was foremost in our thinking when developing the Kuzer.