All New Quon and its 5 benefits

Smart drivability
The cockpit has been completely redesigned with the user’s comfort in mind, for improved operability and visibility, allowing the driver to concentrate on driving.

  • The new color LCD multi-display mounted in the center of the instrument panel provides a large variety of information, accessible through switches conveniently placed on the new 4-spoke steering wheel.
  •  The new easy-to-use I-shaped shift lever commands the latest version of the famous ESCOT automated manual transmission. ESCOT-VI performs better on snowy or     slippery roads.
  • Mated with the new GH11 engine – with more power and torque – ESCOT-VI provides the best drivability, with the same ease of control and driving comfort as a passenger   car.

Smart fuel efficiency and respect for the environment

  •  GH11 engine: even more fuel-efficient, powerful and clean Thanks to a high combustion efficiency and further improvements, the GH11 engine provides improved power and torque, while meeting the strict new emission regulations in Japan and exceeding the 2015 fuel economy regulation standards for heavy duty vehicles by 5%.
  • Foretrack: predicting the road ahead

The new Foretrack function on the ESCOT-VI operates when using cruise control in ECO mode. Road gradients are scanned and saved through the GPS. When driving the same road the next time, gear shift and vehicle speed are optimized to improve fuel efficiency.

  • Nenpi* Coach: real-time fuel efficiency advisor Nenpi Coach constantly analyzes and evaluates driving trends based on fuel efficiency. By providing real-time feedback through the display, it coaches drivers to deliver the best fuel efficiency. * "Nenpi" is Japanese for "Fuel economy".

Smart safety

The new Quon safety features have been improved with the cutting-edge technologies.

  • Standard disk brakes
    All models are fitted with disc brakes. They offer high resistance to fading and a progressive feel in the brake pedal.
  • Traffic Eye Brake
    The Traffic Eye Brake (Advanced Emergency Braking System) permanently monitors the road ahead through radar and a camera, automatically applying brakes in the event of a potential collision.
  • Driver fatigue alerts
    A Driver Alert System uses a camera monitoring the outside environment to detect irregular or jerky steering to estimate the driver’s fatigue, and alerts the driver with an alarm and a message when concentration levels are indicated to drop.
  • Lane departure warning
    A lane departure warning system also warns the driver if the vehicle drifts across the lane without reason on the highway.
  • Improved lighting for night drives
    All New Quon comes fitted with long-lasting LED lamps for low beam, which provide bright and clear lighting, improving nighttime visibility.

Smart productivity

  • Increased payload, reduced vehicle weight
    Use of disc brakes and high tensile steel plates for the main frame means a reduction in the total vehicle weight and thereby increased payload.
  • Uneven load adjustment function to improve cargo handling The uneven load adjustment function automatically adjusts any lateral height differences using the air suspension, improving cargo handling when loading with a forklift from the side of the truck and also while driving.
  • New air suspension with increased height adjustment range.The adjustment range has been improved on the 6x2 and 6x4 cargo beds, to offer improved cargo handling, and to allow optimal height adjustment.
  • Various options to get the “Perfect Quon” for the business. A range of options are available, including enhanced dry wing body variations and direct coupled refrigeration wing bodies.

Smart uptime

  • All New Quon has been designed to further optimize uptime, with superior reliability and increased maintenance intervals.
  • Sensors monitor the wear on brake pads, and alert the driver via the multi-display when the need for replacement arises. Maintenance is made easier with new shield type hub bearing units.
  • The frame has received an even stronger corrosion prevention treatment for even greater durability in cold climates.
  • Thanks to the UD-Trust program, maintenance can be planned ahead according to the customer’s needs.
  • UD information service (UD Telematics Services) contributes uptime and fuel efficiency. “Reliable Operation Support” provides a remote breakdown diagnosis, to maximize operation rates. In the event of a breakdown, a diagnosis is done remotely, to reduce repair time. It also provides “Fuel Efficiency Reports”, with fuel consumption analysis and driving advice to reduce consumption.