The brand-new mid-duty truck for global emerging markets comes as a breakthrough offer in the mid-duty segment with unmatched drivability, reliability, and durability.

Make every moment count
Croner is designed with a host of features - adding up minutes, hours and days saved to keep our customers’ business running.
Developed for the specific needs of global growth markets, the new mid-duty Croner comes with built-in UD dependability, low running costs, and comprehensive UD aftermarket service solutions, to help tackle the demands of modern day logistics.

At the heart of Croner is a set of new engines: the 5-liter GH5E and 8-liter GH8E. These UD engines feature state-of-the-art technology with high torque and fuel efficiency as key strengths to provide optimal performance. The full electric controlled high pressure common rail fuel injection system, means outstanding fuel consumption and low emissions. With maximum torque delivered from low revs and in the “green band” – that is, a flat torque curve with a wider max-torque band - the GH engine operates efficiently and effortlessly, without excessive revving. This means better pulling power with less fuel consumed and less component wear.