1939 - The legendary 3,000km test drive
The LD1 completed the 13 day and 3,000km test drive without a single fault or breakdown.

The legendary 3,000km test drive

The first LD1 diesel truck was completed in November 1939. But it was the test drive shortly after that really got people talking. The majority of Japan’s roads at the time were unpaved and the country was full of narrow roads and bridges that were barely wide enough to fit a horse and cart. The course selected for the test drive was riddled with steep slopes and curves traversing perilous mountain passes. With the entire journey clocking in at a distance of 3,000km, or 1.5 times the length of the Japanese archipelago, it marked an endurance test the likes of which the nation had never seen. Some people were of the opinion that the test could easily be conducted in urban areas instead of going to such extremes. President Adachi had other ideas.

“What we want is a truck that can handle any road, no questions asked. If the truck doesn’t clear this test, we can’t expect our customers to feel confident in it. I know everyone has put a lot of hard work into this first model, but it’s crucial that we test the truck out in trying conditions, even if that means it gets wrecked.”

- Kenzo Adachi to this team - 1939



Through it all, each person learned the importance of quality and worked as a team to boost production capabilities, and that’s what saw them through such a treacherous test without trouble. The company had succeeded in producing a diesel truck that possessed some of the most advanced technologies that Japan, and the world, had ever seen. This achievement instilled confidence and  solidarity in the company’s employees and drove them toward the next endeavor—the mass production of diesel trucks.