More space, comfort and convenience for drivers all the time

Croner’s cabin has been designed to be the perfect ‘office’ for drivers, with a pleasant overall appearance, logical control scheme and numerous features for driver comfort and convenience.

Excellent ergonomics

The Croner’s cabin features a modern, more open and ergonomic design with driver well-being and efficiency at the forefront. This means more comfort, less fatigue and higher productivity for the driver. Ergonomically designed seats with a wide range of adjustment, plus a steering column with adjustable length and angle, to suit a wide range of drivers and give the best driving position. Optional air suspension driver’s seat delivers even better comfort. Ample overhead storage bins and clear interior lighting with optional large fluorescent lamp.

Easy to drive

Automatic transmission available for all models for improved ease of use, safety and less driver workload. It quickly and automatically chooses the right gear position at all times and the high torque engines make Croner a pleasure to drive.

Clear driver information

An easy-to-read instrument cluster is backed up by the digital multi-function display (MFD). Croner is one of the few medium-duty trucks to have this as a standard feature in all models.


Easy to enter and exit

The two-step entry allows for a quick and safe entry and exit with a first step positioned for easy cabin access and a longer, ergonomic entry-handle.

Sleeper cab for the long haul

Rested drivers deliver better. A sleeper cab configuration is also available, with a single bunk bed for long-haul operations.

Driver training for fuel cost savings

UD Driver Training courses cover all aspects for a complete, all-round approach. Courses include:

  • Handover and operation
    The handover introduction ensures the driver learns about his vehicle, its features and how to conduct daily check inspections that are essential to keep the truck on the road longer.

  • Fuel-efficient and safe driving
    This training helps even experienced drivers improve their efficiency behind the wheel for more cost-effective and safe driving.

  • Securing cargo
    The course shows drivers the best ways to secure goods and protect them against theft.