Rising fuel costs have become a major issue for the transport industry globally. Increasing overheads are putting pressure on your business. New Quester introduces ESCOT automated manual transmission (AMT). Making it easier to drive and more fuel efficient. Helping you make the break towards lower operating costs.

ESCOT - big news for New Quester

A fast responding automated manual transmission that has built-in intelligence.
Quickly and automatically choosing the right gear at all times.

ESCOT - big news for Quester
ESCOT: The Benefits

ESCOT: The Benefits

How does it work?

• ESCOT-E automated manual transmission features a non-synchromesh manual gearbox that has an electronically regulated pneumatic gear changing system and an automatic clutch.
• The secret of seamless gear changes lies in the intelligent electronic control unit, controlling the pneumatic system that handles the clutch and shifts.
• By constantly receiving information about speed, acceleration, weight, road condition, torque demand and more, ESCOT-E can carry out every shift with extreme precision.
• It also communicates closely with the engine to adjust revs and engine brake effect for fast, comfortable, fuel efficient gear shifts. 

How does it improve fuel efficiency?

Internal energy losses are lower than on manual gearboxes. However it’s the electronics that make the difference. When driving in ECO mode, every gear change is timed precisely, to let the engine work at its most efficient rpm range.

Your fuel-friendly combination

ESCOT & New Quester GH11E engine - a winning formula for increased fuel efficiency.

Engines deliver high torque and pulling power at low RPMs, while flat torque curve minimizes need for gear changing. Meaning higher average speeds and lower fuel consumption in the long run.




    1. 8-liter diesel engine
    2. Low operating cost via reduced maintenance and long service intervals
    3. Turbocharging with air-to-air intercooler

    Available transmissions:
    1. Automatic (Allison)
    2. Manual


       11-liter diesel engine
      • Good torque at low revs delivers fast acceleration
      • Low fuel consumption via wide rev range & high thermal efficiency
      • Maximum torque within a wide rev range
      • Electronically controlled cooling fan reduces losses 
      • Available with optional UD Extra Engine Brake 
      • Turbocharging with air-to-air intercooler
      • Engine driven power take-off with high torque output of maximum 650 Nm
      • Low noise and vibration when idling 

      Available transmissions:
      • ESCOT-E automated manual transmission
      • Automatic (Allison)
      • Manual

      Cruise control

      Cruise control

      Cruise control reduces driver workload on longer journeys and helps to reduce fuel consumption by maintaining a constant speed.

      Electric viscous fan and Aerodynamic cab design

      New Quester features an e-viscous fan, which improves efficiency of the cooling system, increasing engine performance and enhancing engine fuel economy by reducing friction with cooling fan.

      New Quester's aerodynamic cab is designed for increased fuel efficiency at highway speeds. The cab's optional roof deflector reduces coefficient of drag by 5%.

      Electric viscous fan and Aerodynamic cab design