The brand-new mid-duty truck for global emerging markets comes as a breakthrough offer in the mid-duty segment with unmatched drivability, reliability, and durability.

Make every moment count
Croner is designed with a host of features - adding up minutes, hours and days saved to keep our customers’ business running.
Developed for the specific needs of global growth markets, the new mid-duty Croner comes with built-in UD dependability, low running costs, and comprehensive UD aftermarket service solutions, to help tackle the demands of modern day logistics.

Maximize operating hours with increased fuel efficiency

This latest addition to the UD mid-duty range offers outstanding fuel efficiency achieved through its aerodynamic cab design, fuel-efficient engines and automatic transmission. Croner hosts a batch of standard features aimed at offering higher fuel efficiency, such as cruise control and speed limiter, as well as other exclusive UD features like Fuel Coach system and UD Telematics Services, to increase productivity and minimize costs.

At the heart of Croner is a set of new engines: the 5-liter GH5E and 8-liter GH8E. These UD engines feature state-of-the-art technology with high torque and fuel efficiency as key strengths to provide optimal performance. The full electric controlled high pressure common rail fuel injection system, means outstanding fuel consumption and low emissions. With maximum torque delivered from low revs and in the “green band” – that is, a flat torque curve with a wider max-torque band - the GH engine operates efficiently and effortlessly, without excessive revving. This means better pulling power with less fuel consumed and less component wear.

Robust manual and automatic transmissions

All models of Croner come with a choice of reliable and durable manual and automatic transmissions. The manual 6-speed and 9-speed transmissions are robust and durable, and able to cope with the toughest demands in various operating conditions. The highly reliable automatic transmissions, optimized for on-road logistics and garbage compactors, are factory installed and available for all models.

Reliable components

The Japanese quality philosophy permeates every component in this latest UD model; every part is the result of years of experience and extensive quality control tests by UD experts. Robustness has always been a key trait of the dependable UD trucks. With its chassis frame made from upgraded high-tensile strength steel, Croner offers class-leading axle loads. With payloads from 11 to 17 tons and eight available wheelbases ranging from 3,750 to 6,500 mm, there is a Croner for every activity. Adding to its versatility, Croner comes with two rear axle multi-leaf spring options, and an air suspension option.

More space, comfort and convenience for drivers at all times

The cabin has been designed to be the perfect “office” for drivers, with a pleasant overall appearance, logical control scheme and numerous features for driver comfort and convenience. The cab boasts adjustable ergonomic seats and steering column to allow for a perfect driving position, with an optional air suspension driver seat offering even more cushioning. The upgraded cabin, with its reduced noise, vibration and harshness, delivers improved overall driver comfort. For drivers using the truck for long-haul operations, a sleeper cab configuration is also available.