UD Trucks starts releasing UD Gemba Spirit videos – the first story from Yokohama Customer Center

 UD Trucks starts releasing UD Gemba Spirit videos the first story

UD Trucks releases a series of story videos featuring mechanics, factory workers and technical support staff in Japan and other countries to showcase its “Gemba Spirit”, the professional, passionate and dependable spirit that drives UD Trucks to go the Extra Mile.

UD Gemba Spirit story videos are available on UD Trucks official Facebook and YouTube:
Facebook feed (https://www.udtrucks.com/en-int/news-and-media/facebook-feed)
YouTube (https://youtu.be/IAH3PVL0iRA)

The UD Gemba Spirit videos feature actual UD colleagues working at their own Gemba. The purpose of the videos is to promote the UD brand and to show how UD Trucks colleagues go the Extra Mile at their Gemba (workplace) by focusing on colleagues and their personal and passionate stories.

In the first video, Shinichiro Fukuda, a mechanic at the UD Trucks, responds to a question - What does gemba mean to you: “My gemba is the workshop at our customer service center. I always try to keep it in mind to provide quick and precise service to the customers. When a broken truck comes in and the customer is waiting, we are battling against time to put it back on the road. We work to maximize uptime for the trucks”.

Gemba is a Japanese word that describes where action takes place and value is created, from the factory floor to dealerships to customer facilities. It is the place where UD people interact with their customers, so the Japanese will talk about 'their gemba' and 'their customers' gemba'. Wherever it is, gemba is a place to listen and understand, to seek out opportunities for improvement.

 Gemba Spirit

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