Quon with the new 8L engine


An 8-liter engine that is 300kg lighter, enabling increased payloads

The 8-liter engine is light-weight, compact, yet powerful and torquey, and reduces the weight of the chassis by approximately 300 kg compared to the 11-liter engine. A high payload model taking advantage of the reduced weight of the standard model is also available. Now the Perfect Quon has more options for mounting. Through transport efficiency, your productivity goes the extra mile.



Light-weight, compact and powerful “GH8 engine”

With downsized engine achieving light-weight and compact, and simpler structure maintaining high reliability, it generates powerful torque in the whole area. It both achieves light-weight as well as high payload and powerful drives. It complies with Japanese 2016 exhaust gas regulations and all high payload models achieve +5% over the fuel efficiency standards.


Tipper: A payload of 10 tons for the standard model

A payload of 10 tons is now possible with the standard model. For the high payload model, a telescopic cylinder type rear-dump is now available.


The payload for the standard model is more than 9.8 tons.

Moreover, for the high payload model, a payload of over 10 tons is ensured. A simple structure of a telescopic cylinder type rear-dump can be chosen.


CW 6×4 Standard model 9,800-10,000 kg/

High payload model 10,400 kg