UD Extra Mile Challenge – ultimate drivers keep the world moving!

The UD Extra Mile Challenge is UD Trucks’ global driver competition. It uniquely simulates a transport cycle – pre-inspection, fuel efficient and safety driving, parking skills – linking driver skills to business reality.

There are local market qualification rounds, and the best driver selected in each market will qualify for the Global Final at the UD Experience Center in Ageo, Japan, where finalists compete to find out who is the ultimate driver.

The UD Extra Mile Challenge serves as a symbol for UD Trucks’ going the extra mile for customer success and commitment to support all aspects of smart logistics.


Ultimate drivers keep the world moving – and we support them

Around the world transportation companies are facing a severe challenge: a lack of skilled drivers. Our goal is to help our customers attract good drivers, and make each one of them an ultimate driver. Ultimate drivers safe fuel and operation cost, care about the truck, the cargo and the environment, and put safety first.
At UD Trucks we design our products with the driver in mind, the best trucks for all drivers. Trucks that are smart and fuel efficient, with a driver environment that makes driving as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Ultimate drivers aren’t simply born with exceptional driving skills. They have to go through a period of learning, spending time on the road, perfecting their skills, mile after mile. Our aim is to help accelerate this process to allow more drivers to become ultimate drivers as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer comprehensive driver training programs – and that’s why we created the UD Extra Mile Challenge.


UD Extra Mile Challenge competition – the concept

UD Extra Mile Challenge is a driver-skill based competition that tests drivers in three key areas: pre-drive inspection, fuel efficient and safe driving, and maneuvering and parking skills.

However, the UD Extra Mile Challenge is not only about technical ability. The focus is as much on mind set. The competition encourages drivers to think more commercially by highlighting the trade-offs between speed, delivery time, fuel efficiency, safety and smooth driving.

With UD Extra Mile Challenge we also want to motivate our drivers, and promote truck driving. It’s an important, challenging and interesting job that it’s at the heart of smart logistics.


UD Extra Mile Challenge 2018

9 drivers from 8 key UD markets, selected among 300 drivers from local qualification rounds, participated in the UD Extra Mile Challenge Global Finals on Oct 24-26 at the UD Experience Center at the UD Trucks headquarters in Ageo, Japan. They were cheered on by over 200 VIP customers, partners and UD colleagues from around the world who gathered to find out who was the 2018 ultimate driver. The ultimate drivers of 2018 were Mohd Hisham at BHS Kinetic Pte Ltd. from Singapore, in Quon, and Eko Yulianto at PT Duta Lintas Nusa from Indonesia in Quester.


Commenting on their win, the drivers had this to say:
Mohd Hisham at BHS Kinetic Pte Ltd., Singapore (Quon)
“I have been focused on this event for the past year. It’s been a tremendous experience. I’ve learnt so much…about fuel consumption, about protecting cargo….everything.”

Eko Yulianto at PT Duta Lintas Nusa, Indonesia (Quester)
“I am so pleased and honored. I think the key to success is to remain calm during the activity. If you are not calm, you can make mistakes even if you’re a good driver. I am very confident and mentally ready, but I’m not perfect. I know I have to keep striving. I still have a way to go to become the ultimate driver.”



UD Extra Mile Challenge 2020 – who will be the next ULTIMATE DRIVER?



In 2020, the 5th year of UD Extra Mile Challenge, we opened the competition up to more markets and drivers than ever before and again invited both Quon and Quester drivers to compete.

UD Trucks is out to find the very best drivers out there. Because we know…

Ultimate drivers keep the world moving.
To find out more, please contact your UD Trucks representative in your country.
Videos from previous UD Extra Mile Challenge are available on the UD Trucks YouTube channel:
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