Leadership in sustainability across four areas


Better for Logistics: Pursuing smarter logistics to overcome challenges facing the industry

Globally, the logistics industry is facing various challenges, including a shortage of drivers and increasingly strict regulations. This coupled with the need to ensure road safety and reduce vehicle emissions. Moreover, the growing e-commerce sector coupled with intense competition is putting pressure on logistics firms to cut costs and improve efficiency.

UD Trucks is meeting these challenges head on by staying at the forefront of innovation that helps maximize vehicle efficiency, reduce environmental impacts and maximize driver comfort. To become a leader in sustainability, UD Trucks continues to develop next-generation technologies in the fields of connectivity, electromobility, and autonomous driving. At the same time offering solutions to partners and customers to enhance their business.

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Better for the Planet: Reducing emissions and waste

Climate change and resource depletion are some of the most pressing environmental issues facing us today. UD Trucks, together with the logistics industry as a whole, can be part of the solution to greatly minimize environmental impacts.

UD Trucks is taking steps to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and eliminate waste across its operations. Accordingly, the company is exploring the use renewable energy and reducing the CO2 footprint of its products and sites, while collaborating with suppliers to reduce environmental impacts across the entire value chain.

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Better for People: Creating better workplaces, supporting communities

People and communities are a core part of our sustainability strategy. UD Trucks continues to improve the well-being of its employees, fostering a workplace culture that values diversity, personal development and a strong work-life balance. All employees are encouraged to make the most of their abilities and given the opportunity to grow professionally.

In addition, UD Trucks works closely with communities, focusing on road traffic safety seminars for local schools, disaster relief and other community outreach initiatives

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Better for Business: Building a foundation for sustainable growth

Pursuing a sustainability strategy that is Better for Logistics, Better for the Planet and Better for People helps secure the fourth area of sustainability: Better for Business. In short performance and profitability.

UD Trucks will invest profits back into its businesses, laying a path for the company to grow to benefit all stakeholders.

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