Need for greater safety

Just one minor accident can throw operations off course and delay important deliveries. A number of features including reliable auxiliary braking system and hydraulic retarder make New Quester a wise investment for safer operations.

Safety built in for you

Auxiliary brake
A reliable auxiliary braking system on New Quester helps to maintain safe speeds and delivers powerful braking without fade.

The UD Extra Engine Brake (UD EEB) is a powerful engine brake that is optional with the 11-liter engine. 

It back pressures the cylinders within the engine, using exhaust pressure and a patented ingenious valve system. There is no generation of heat or extra wear and tear on equipment.

Brake Max mode with ESCOT

Brake Max mode with ESCOT

When not coupled with a hydraulic retarder, ESCOT features a Brake Max Mode which allows the transmission to continuously downshift for a more effective use of the EEB.



Cutting out the need for manual gear-changing means drivers can keep their attention on the road.

Therefore the addition of ESCOT in New Quester is good news for operational safety.

High visibility rear view mirrors

New Quester cab provides first-class all-round visibility with our ECE certified rear view mirrors.

Front Underrun Protection system
The Quester’s cab exterior has been designed and developed with the focus on safety. The Front Underrun Protection System (FUPS) is equipped to prevent smaller vehicles from being wedged under the front in the event of a collision.


ECE certification

Quester is fully ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) compliant, meaning that cab safety, braking, ADR, lighting and noise requirements are all certified and approved to European standards. ECE R29 for cab strength is part of this certification.


ECE certification

Driver training

UD Trucks currently offers several useful courses for drivers. This training helps even experienced drivers improve their efficiency behind the wheel for more cost-effective and safe driving