Driver Guard Safety Initiative by UD Trucks
A Safety Initiative for Drivers
by UD Trucks
Driver Guard - A Safety Initiative by UD Trucks

Welcome to UD Trucks' Safety Program, Driver Guard.

Empowering Drivers with Health and Safety for Better Life

At UD Trucks, we understand that the well-being of your drivers is integral to the success of your operations. That’s why we’ve developed Driver Guard, a comprehensive initiative designed to enhance the health, safety, and driving proficiency of the real heroes of the society, truck drivers. By investing in Driver Guard, you’re ensuring a safer, more productive fleet.

Why Participate in Driver Guard?

Enhance Driver Safety: Prioritizing driver safety not only protects your workforce but also reduces the risk of accidents, ensuring timely deliveries and protecting your bottom line. Driver Guard focuses on both practical and preventative measures to keep your drivers safe.

Promote Driver Health: A healthy driver is a reliable driver. Our program starts with comprehensive health checks, identifying potential issues early and providing personalized health advice. This proactive approach minimizes sick days and boosts overall productivity. We firmly believe that safety begins with health.

Improve Driving Skills: Equip your drivers with advanced driving techniques and best practices through our detailed theoretical and applied lessons. Whether they’re new to the profession or seasoned experts, our training ensures they stay at the top of their game.

Optimize Vehicle Maintenance: Our daily maintenance workshops teach drivers how to perform essential checks, preventing breakdowns and costly repairs. Regular maintenance ensures your fleet is always road-ready, minimizing downtime.

What Driver Guard Offers?

Thorough Health Checks: Our program begins with a comprehensive health assessment for your drivers. This evaluation provides insights into their current health status and offers guidance on improving their well-being, leading to fewer health-related absences and a more reliable workforce.

Expert-Led Training Sessions:

  • Theoretical Lessons: Drivers gain in-depth knowledge about road safety, traffic regulations, and advanced driving techniques. This training not only improves safety but also enhances efficiency and reduces operational costs.
  • Practical Applications: Hands-on driving sessions allow drivers to apply their learning under the supervision of experienced instructors, ensuring they can handle real-world challenges effectively.

Daily Maintenance Workshops: These workshops educate drivers on performing essential daily checks on their trucks. From tire inspections to fluid level checks, these routines prevent minor issues from becoming major problems, reducing maintenance costs and increasing vehicle uptime.

Comprehensive Health Check
We conduct a health check to all participating drivers as per the availability of the training venue. In UD Trucks, we believe safety starts with health.
Theoretical & Practical Lessons
We equip the drivers with up-to-date information in regards to road safety, traffic regulations and advanced driving techniques. In practical sessions, we create real-world scenarios to improve the responsiveness of the driver, like close quarter manuevering, defensive driving and more.
Daily Maintenance Tips and Tricks
We delve deeper into the daily maintenance tips for essensial checks for the truck. From tire inspections to fluid level checks, we help support increase uptime, keep the resale value of the truck and more.