The tough two

Solid, smart and future-designed. Meet UD Trucks’ dependable duo for construction.

Long Haul

Quester features perfect for long haul

Comfortable, fuel efficient and easy to drive. For the long run. New Quester offers Japanese reliability,​ made to go the extra mile to make your operations easier.


General Cargo

Going the distance

Successful distribution means handling tough requirements on a daily basis. Getting the best out of every truck in your fleet is key. With UD trucks, heavier loads can now be carried on vehicles with more cab space. A win-win for any forward-looking business.


Diverse distribution

Reliable, adaptable and easy-to-drive. Here to meet your industrial transportation needs.


Reliability & Durability

When quality is of the essence

The road is long, with many winding turns. But one thing remains true – whatever road you choose to take, whatever your task is, you should choose to do it in a UD truck.

Waste Management

Your route to easier operations

Power. Reliability. Operational efficiency. Just three of the assets that the Quester and Croner bring to waste management assignments.​Read on to find out more.


Total Cost of Ownership

UD Trucks – a profitable investment

At UD Trucks our customers’ success is at the centre of everything that we do. And with that comes a strong responsibility for your business’ profitability. 

Construction Construction
General Cargo General Cargo
Long Haul Long Haul
Waste Management Waste Management