UD Trucks demonstrates commitment to Southeast Asia as company turns 80 - trusted legacy in region continues with enhanced Quester line

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In celebration of its 80th anniversary this year, Japanese transportation solutions provider UD Trucks has opened a new 3,000 sq ft UD Experience Centre in Ageo, Japan. Meanwhile, the company re-affirms its commitment to Southeast Asia (SEA) with the enhanced UD Quester, which was designed specifically for growth markets.

Mr Christophe Martin, President of UD Trucks in Asia Oceania, reflected: “At UD Trucks, we’ve always thrived on delivering what our customers need. When infrastructure projects escalated rapidly across Southeast Asia in the 1990s, the CWM proved to be the workhorse of choice, winning many loyal fans. Built with a heavy-duty chassis, it was very popular as it serves a wide array of applications and its success enhanced the UD brand in the region.”

He added: “Recently, with our customers in growth markets in Southeast Asia facing challenges such as increasing fuel prices and high operational costs, we launched Quester, designed specifically for such markets. It’s the first in a new generation of cost-effective UD Trucks, specially developed for the world of heavy-duty transportation.”
Enhanced Quester - Worthy Successor to CWM

Durable, reliable and fuel-efficient, Quester is designed to go the extra mile, according to Mr Ian Sinclair, Product Director of UD Trucks (watch video @ https://youtu.be/0NbLV3I8FuI). Compared to its predecessor in Southeast Asia, the CWM, Quester’s cab size is much bigger, offering better all-round visibility. With a high torque engine which operates in the low rev range, it also uses less fuel. Drivability is easy and smooth, offering the driver an almost car-like feel.

With axle configurations ranging from 4x2 to 8x4, Quester can be customized to whatever the customer’s requirements are, for a wide range of applications including long-haul, distribution, construction and mining. Available with two engine alternatives, Quester with the 11-litre engine has an extra engine brake which provides more effective braking and longer life on the wheel brakes.

Based on feedback from its first customers, Quester was recently enhanced with an easier gear shift; the extra engine brake adjusted to lower speed; and a new application category – Dangerous Goods.

“The Quester is designed such that we can ‘spec’ it according to what the customer requires for his business. At UD Trucks, we’re willing to improve or enhance our products if it would make our customer’s business better or smoother. That is what we call the UD Gemba spirit – making things happen,” Mr Martin affirmed.

Rich 80-year history

Founded in 1935 as Nihon Diesel Industries (later Nissan Diesel) by Mr Kenzo Adachi, UD Trucks established itself in the Southeast Asia region in 1978 - first in Malaysia, followed by Indonesia and Thailand. The company has grown steadily and today, UD Trucks is globally present in 64 countries.

Always quick to respond to the demands and needs of the logistics and construction industries in the past eight decades, the trucking pioneer has achieved many firsts including developing the first Japanese-made diesel truck engine in 1938; the first Japanese-made diesel truck, LD1, in 1939; the groundbreaking engine with pioneering ‘uniflow scavenging diesel engine’ (UD for short) technology in 1955 that inspired the name the company is carrying today; and, of course, Quester, the first Japanese heavy-duty truck developed uniquely for growth markets, in 2013.

UD Mark

The company thrives by its brand promise of “Going the Extra Mile” for its customers, from offering products with cutting-edge technologies, to purposeful aftermarket service and support.

UD excels at providing cost-effective solutions to transportation challenges, with products that offer durability, reliability and drivability. At the same time, cutting-edge engineering and design ensure that UD trucks perform with high levels of fuel efficiency and uptime, while meeting today’s demanding safety and environmental standards. The legacy of the venerable 80 year old brand rolls on.

See a video of the enhanced Quester, the next generation of UD Trucks in Southeast Asia, at:

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UD Trucks is a total transport solution provider dedicated to delivering optimized total cost of ownership to its customers. It sells and serves light, medium and heavy duty trucks as well as special vehicles. UD Trucks was established in Japan in 1935 and became part of the Volvo Group in 2007. With its headquarters located in Ageo, Japan, UD Trucks supports sales and services in more than 60 countries through a worldwide network